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Introductory Chemistry - 1st Canadian Edition

(3 reviews)

David W. Ball, Cleveland State University in Ohio

Jessie A. Key, Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo

Copyright Year: 2014

ISBN 13: 9781774200032

Publisher: BCcampus

Language: English

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Reviewed by Leah Schnaith, Chemistry Instructor, Minnesota State College Southeast Technical on 12/28/22

Many topics are covered, some need to be covered to greater scientific depth. read more

Reviewed by Lorena M Rios Mendoza, Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 9/19/21

This book has the main topics for an introductory chemistry book and introduces chemistry appreciation through ideas and examples of real life. It is a basic chemistry concepts book for non-chemistry majors. Each chapter has questions, examples,... read more

Reviewed by Steven Cummings, Assistant Professor, Howard University on 1/31/21

This is rated somewhere between a 4 and a 5. The book is overall reasonably comprehensive for a book geared to non-chem majors. However, some concepts could use more depth or be included, such as: Missing areas that should be addressed include... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. What is Chemistry
  • Chapter 2. Measurements
  • Chapter 3. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
  • Chapter 4. Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Chapter 5. Stoichiometry and the Mole
  • Chapter 6. Gases
  • Chapter 7. Energy and Chemistry
  • Chapter 8. Electronic Structure
  • Chapter 9. Chemical Bonds
  • Chapter 10. Solids and Liquids
  • Chapter 11. Solutions
  • Chapter 12. Acids and Bases
  • Chapter 13. Chemical Equilibrium
  • Chapter 14. Oxidation and Reduction
  • Chapter 15. Nuclear Chemistry
  • Chapter 16. Organic Chemistry
  • Chapter 17. Kinetics
  • Chapter 18. Chemical Thermodynamics

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About the Book

The goal of this textbook is not to make you an expert. True expertise in any field is a years-long endeavor. Here I will survey some of the basic topics of chemistry. This survey should give you enough knowledge to appreciate the impact of chemistry in everyday life and, if necessary, prepare you for additional instruction in chemistry.

About the Contributors


Dr. Ball is a professor of chemistry at Cleveland State University in Ohio. He earned his PhD from Rice University in Houston, Texas. His specialty is physical chemistry, which he teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels. About 50 percent of his teaching is in general chemistry: chemistry for nonscience majors, GOB, and general chemistry for science and engineering majors. In addition to this text, he is the author of a math review book for general chemistry students, a physical chemistry textbook with accompanying student and instructor solutions manuals, and two books on spectroscopy (published by SPIE Press). He is coauthor of a general chemistry textbook (with Dan Reger and Scott Goode), whose third edition was published in January 2009. His publication list has over 180 items, roughly evenly distributed between research papers and articles of educational interest.

Dr. Jessie Key is a professor of chemistry at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia. He received his Ph.D from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, and his B.Sc (Hons.) from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. Jessie’s main area of research expertise is chemical biology; with a focus on fluorophore synthesis, cellular labelling and bioassays. He currently teaches general chemistry and organic chemistry at Vancouver Island University, and does research on the use of technology in chemical education.

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