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Introduction to Social Media

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Cheryl Lawson, Oklahoma State University

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: Oklahoma State University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Kay L. Colley, Professor of Mass Communication, Texas Wesleyan University on 2/29/24

This book, and this topic, are moving targets. It's very difficult to keep things current and fresh because social media changes constantly. With that fact in place, Lawson does a good job of looking at the timeless aspects of social media that... read more

Reviewed by Patti McMann, Business Instructor, Klamath Community College on 11/18/23

The text covers the beginning of social media to present. It also covers basic marketing principles such as marketing strategy, analytics, metrics, target markets, engagement, competition, networking, ROI, content, marketing time management, and... read more

Table of Contents


Part I: Marketing Principles

Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

How Many P's are in Marketing Now?

Social Media Marketing, A Brief History

What Business Are You Even In?

Do You Even Google?

Who Is Your Customer?

Competition Check

Social Media History...How Did We Get Here

Part 2: Social Media Marketers and Marketing Strategy

Applying Basic Marketing Principles to Social Media Marketing

What's it All For?

The ROI of Your Mother (GaryVee said it, not me)

Every Network is an Island

What Network is on Now?

Content Speaks

Time Management

We're Engaged! Aren't We?

Social Media Jobs. Why Understanding Basic Marketing Principles Will Put You Ahead of the Rest




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About the Book

This book is aimed at managers, business owners, marketing managers, and aspiring social media marketing interns and managers. I will assume that however accomplished in your own field - baker, developer, teacher and that even as successful business owners, you approach the topic of social media marketing as a beginner. Even if you are an avid personal user of social networks, we will treat this book as a guided tour of social media for marketing purposes.

About the Contributors


Cheryl Lawson, Founder of Social Media Tulsa, Tulsa's go-to source for social media support, brings corporate marketing communications, entrepreneurial acumen, and deep social media and event marketing expertise to her clients, colleagues and students.  Social Media Tulsa's annual SMTULSA Conference has put Tulsa on the social media conference map and will celebrate 10 years as a social media and digital marketing conference in Tulsa in March 2020.  Before returning home to Tulsa, Cheryl served as marketing manager for Fleetwood Enterprises and spent ten years in sales and marketing for General Motors. Cheryl holds a BA fronm Southern University in Baton Rouge and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.  Cheryl is a marketing course developer and adjunct professor for the University of California Extension Center where she first began teaching social media marketing, event marketing, market research and event sponsorship courses.  In addition to Tulsa's Social Media Conference, Cheryl leads numerous social media teams for some of Tulsa's favorite events and festivals, including Scotfest, Oktoberfest, and the Route 66 Marathon. Social media is often what gets Cheryl in the door, but clients quickly realize that her knowledge of all marketing and communication is an invaluable asset.  The fact that she understands how to translate her marketing experience to the digital space is what makes Cheryl truly remarkable.

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