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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

(3 reviews)

Katherine Carpenter, University of Victoria

Copyright Year: 2021

ISBN 13: 9781989864500

Publisher: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Larry Clay, Assistant Professor, Marymount University on 2/12/24

This book is a sufficient option for my 201: Principles of Entrepreneurship course. It is aligned with my course objectives, and includes the basic of business venturing and modeling, but also offers the fundamental terms and definitions for... read more

Reviewed by Mary Hill, Lecturer II, University of New Mexico on 5/12/23

no index or glossary found. as indicated by the title - this is an early introduction to the subject. read more

Reviewed by Christina Wooten, Business Technology Faculty, Rogue Community College on 3/30/23

The text is a good introduction and covers several high-level topics that pertain to entrepreneurship. There are many more topics that could be added to this text. It may not be sufficient to support an entire course. There is not a glossary... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Unit 1: What is Entrepreneurship?
    • 1. Defining Entrepreneurship
    • 2. The Role Entrepreneurs have in Today’s Society
    • 3. Different types of Entrepreneurship
  • II. Unit 2: Entrepreneurial Characteristics
    • 4. Entrepreneurial Traits, Skills and Abilities
    • 5. The Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • 6. Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship
  • III. Unit 3: The Entrepreneurial Process
    • 7. Entrepreneurial Process
    • 8. Unit 4 Assignment Preparation
  • IV. Unit 4: Your Entrepreneurial Potential
    • 9. Unit 4 Assignment Delivery: Entrepreneurial Plan
    • 10. Course Wrap up and Reflection

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About the Book

Learn about entrepreneurship and what makes entrepreneurs successful, all while developing your entrepreneurial skills.

About the Contributors


Katherine Carpenter (Cochrane) has an MBA from the University of Victoria and has been a full-time Faculty Member with Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 2020. Katherine has over 12 years of experience teaching in-person and online and delivering advisory projects to various entrepreneurial organizations. In addition to entrepreneurship, her areas of expertise include student engagement, online learning, program development and renewal, and instructional design.

Katherine is currently a developer in the Open Education for a Better World mentoring program and is a 2021 OER Grant Recipient through the KPU Open Education Working Group. When she’s not instructing with KPU, Katherine also teaches at other public and PVI organizations across the country, and advocates for UDL, open education, online delivery, and continuously improving programs to meet the needs of those learners worldwide.

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