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Introduction to Biological Psychology

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Eleanor J Dommett

Jimena Berni

Pete Clifton

Catherine Hall

ISBN 13: 9781739214807

Publisher: University of Sussex Library

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Credits
  • Foreward
  • I. Background to Biological Psychology
  • II. Organisation of the nervous system
  • III. Neuronal communication
  • IV. Sensing the environment and perceiving the world
  • V. Interacting with the world
  • VI. Dysfunction of the nervous system

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  • About the Book

    An open access textbook designed primarily for use by first and second year undergraduate students of British Psychological Society accredited Psychology degree courses in the UK.

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    Dr. Eleanor J Dommett

    Dr. Jimena Berni

    Pete Clifton, Professor


    Dr. Catherine Hall

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