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Intercultural Learning: Critical preparation for international student travel

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Peter Jones, James Cook University

Debra Miles, James Cook University

Narayan Gopalkrishnan, James Cook University

Copyright Year: 2018

Last Update: 2019

ISBN 13: 9780994503992

Publisher: UTS ePRESS

Language: English

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Reviewed by Mary Gitau, Associate Professor of Social Work, Clarke University on 12/22/22

The textbook is authored by scholars with expertise and experience facilitating international student exchange programs. The book addresses key aspects that are critical when engaging with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Each of... read more

Reviewed by Mandy Reinig, Director of Study Away, Virginia Wesleyan University on 5/5/21

This book did an excellent job of covering the topic of intercultural learning. Additionally, it included a resource section for each module as well as a section on key terms with definitions for each term. The integrated videos also assisted in... read more

Reviewed by Karen Easterday, Instructor, Community College of Aurora on 8/13/20

The purpose of the text is to provide students who participate in international educational exchange programs with a framework to more critically examine and reflect on their preparation and experiences. The end goal is a deeper reflection on... read more

Reviewed by Dr. Ali-Sha Alleman, Assistant Professor, Radford University on 1/25/20

The text covers all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately and provides an effective index and glossary. The text does a great job providing a comprehensive definition of culture. There are multiple examinations of differences and... read more

Reviewed by Deanna Koepke, Assistant Professor, University of Providence on 1/2/20

very thorough read more

Reviewed by Andrea Duffy, Director of International Studies, Colorado State University on 10/14/19

The book gives readers the necessary tools to critically assess their intercultural experiences, navigate different cultural settings, and be aware of their own perspectives and cultural biases. It does not dig particularly deeply into the realm... read more

Reviewed by Brian Johnston, Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University on 10/14/19

Intercultural Learning is a great resource for students preparing to study abroad. Focusing on culture, cultural diversity, racism and privilege gives students a foundation to prepare themselves mentally to explore a variety of cultures... read more

Reviewed by Ayami Makino, Instructor , James Madison University on 8/12/19

This is a very nice book to cover with students in preparation for any cultural studies, especially those that involve international travels. The book guides the students to develop "critical lens" which will allow the students to practice deeper,... read more

Reviewed by Craig Leon, Woodard Family Foundation Fellow / Senior Instructor, Marketing & Sports Business, University of Oregon on 6/17/19

The e-book does a nice job framing the key elements of international student travel. The authors' view is more 30,000-feet and would be paired nicely with a resource that focused on the country/countries of that particular trip read more

Reviewed by Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe, Professpr, Missouri University of Science and Technology on 4/29/19

This book on intercultural learning is very comprehensive. The authors have done an excellent job in developing the five modules and providing a useful glossary. read more

Reviewed by Kari Eller, Instructor; Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Nebraska - Lincoln on 4/4/19

The Welcome Section of this eBook clearly states what the book is and is not. Given these parameters, I feel that this resource is comprehensive in regards to what it sets out to do, "equip students with a ‘critical lens’ through which their... read more

Reviewed by Eloise Hockett, Professor of Education, George Fox University on 3/28/19

This book succinctly addresses the main points of intercultural preparation. Each topic contains enough information for a basic course, with suggested resources so the student or faculty member can dive deeper into the topicss read more

Reviewed by Courtney Anderegg, Assistant Professor, George Fox University on 3/4/19

Importantly, I could not read the all of the content presented in this textbook (see interface section below for details on navigation problems and other interface issues). These issues should be taken into consideration when reading my review.... read more

Reviewed by Sharon Varallo, Professor, Communication Studies, Augustana College on 12/29/18

This e-book gets a 5 not because it is factually comprehensive, but because the authors did an excellent job of prioritizing material. At 51 pages, it is impossible to be "comprehensive" about anything, let alone Intercultural Learning. But the... read more

Reviewed by Yaprak Dalat Ward, Assistant Professor , Fort Hays State University on 11/30/18

This is a well-thought out eBook which serves as a comprehensive resource covering intercultural topics ranging from basic definitions to complicated terms. No key term is left unattended. The authors present each and every topic in such a... read more

Table of Contents

  • Module 1: Culture
  • Module 2: Imperialism & Cultural Diversity
  • Module 3: Racism & Privilege
  • Module 4: Critical Reflection & Culture
  • Module 5: Intercultural Practice

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  • About the Book

    Intercultural learning: Critical preparation for international student travel aims to take students beyond practical preparation, to equip them with a critical lens through which to view and understand their international experiences. The book leads students toward a deeper understanding of culture and cultural difference through an exploration of challenging concepts such as imperialism, racism, privilege and intercultural practice.

    As an adjunct to traditional approaches, the book adds a significant and valuable dimension to the process of preparing students for international study, increasing the potential for meaningful and transformative learning experiences.

    About the Contributors


    Dr Peter Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work & Human Services at James Cook University with over 20 years experience in social work education, research and practice. Peter is a multi-award winning educator with a particular interest in the application of transformative learning theory in social work education. He is currently a Fellow of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA). Peter’s research and practice interests include social work education, environmental social work, sustainable community development, international social work, and international student exchange. He has published scholarly work in all of these areas. Over the past six years Peter has also facilitated a number of international student exchanges to both Thailand and India.

    Dr Debra Miles is an Associate Professor in Social Work & Human Services at James Cook University. She has worked in the tertiary education sector in Australia since 1995 teaching across a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in professional social work and women’s studies courses at JCU and Charles Darwin University. Her teaching foci include human rights and social work practice. Deb’s research has focused on feminist social work practice particularly in child protection, women’s services, and in work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Her current research projects include international student exchange; internationalisation of social work education; and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their experience in field education.

    Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Social Work & Human Services at James Cook University. Narayan has a thirty-year career in Australia and overseas, working in universities, NGOs and the private sector.  This has included major development projects and large corporate entities in India and work in the not-for-profit sector and academia in Australia. Narayan brings extensive experience in international development in Asia and has managed significant research projects in rural development. Narayan has expertise in Participatory Methodologies and has used these in studies at village and district levels in Asia. Narayan has also coordinated and taught in courses in community development, mental health, counselling, health, globalisation, social disadvantage, human rights and social justice, communication and thought, and social policy.

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