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    Human Geography

    (2 reviews)

    Christine Rosenfeld

    Nathan Burtch

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    Publisher: VIVA

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Kristin Sziarto, Associate Professor, Geography, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee on 1/11/24

    The book covers the usual human geography topics (fields within human geography, and major topics within those) concisely and with interesting examples and linked materials. It is shorter than many human geography textbooks, but that is not... read more

    Reviewed by Christine Mitchell, Senior Instructor, Radford University on 11/13/23

    The book covers basic introductory concepts with brevity. Most examples and learning tools are found in links which can change over time and make learning more difficult for students without adequate and stable bandwidth. No index or glossary is... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Main Body
      • Thinking Geographically
      • 2. Geographic Tools & Methods
      • 3. Population, Migraiton, & SPatial Demography
      • 4. Interpreting Placec & Cultural Landscape
      • 5. Nature & Society
      • 6. Agricultural & Food Systems
      • 7. Economy & Development
      • 8. Power, Politices, & Place
      • 9. Geography of Religion
      • 10. Geography of Language
      • 11. Urban & Suburban Spaces

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    About the Book

    Welcome to Human Geography! If you are interested in how humans interact with the environment and how human systems are geographically distributed over space, then you’ve found your place. We hope that find this textbook useful and enjoyable; please dive in by clicking “Contents” to immerse yourself in all-things-human geography.

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    Christine Rosenfeld

    Christine Rosenfeld

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