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    How History is Made: A Student’s Guide to Reading, Writing, and Thinking in the Discipline

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    Stephanie Cole, Arlington, Texas

    Kimberly Breuer, Arlington, Texas

    Scott W. Palmer, Arlington, Texas

    ISBN 13: 9781648160066

    Publisher: Mavs Open Press

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Ingo Heidbrink, Professor of History, Old Dominion University on 5/22/24

    The book covers successfully the basic methods of historical research and writing. It has been prepared as a textbook for the methods classes at the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA) and therefore is focusing especially on methods that are of... read more

    Reviewed by Ramon Jackson, Assistant Professor of History, Newberry College on 11/4/22

    This textbook was developed for HIST 3300, a history research methods course at the University of Texas-Arlington. The course doubles as a substitute for UNIV 1101, the freshman "College Life" seminar. The authors offer useful, comprehensive... read more

    Table of Contents

    • About the Publisher
    • About this Project
    • Acknowledgments
    • Introduction
    • I. Thinking Historically
    • II. Reading Historically
    • III. Researching Historically
    • IV. Writing Historically
    • V. Performing Historically
    • VI. Skills for Success
    • VII. UTA Campus Resources
    • VIII. Degree Planning and Beyond, Advice from the UTA History Department
    • Bibliography
    • Appendix A- Database Rules and Datatypes
    • Appendix B - Working With Multiple Tables
    • Appendix C- Database Troubleshooting and Coding
    • Appendix D- Database Design and Parts of a Database
    • Appendix E- Writing Criteria/ Example Rubric
    • Image Credits
    • Accessibility Rubric
    • Errata and Versioning History

    Ancillary Material

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    About the Book

    Learn what it means to think like an historian! Units on “Thinking Historically,” “Reading Historically,” “Researching Historically,” and “Writing Historically” describe the essential skills of the discipline of history. “Performing Historically” offers advice on presenting research findings and describes some careers open to those with an academic training in history.

    About the Contributors


    Stephanie Cole received her PhD in History from the University of Flordia in 1994 and has taught the introduction to historical methods, as well as courses in women’s history, the history of work, history of sexuality and marriage and related topics at UT Arlington since 1996.  Her most recent publication is the co-edited volume Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives (University of Georgia Press, 2015).

    Kimberly Breuer received her PhD in History from Vanderbilt University in 2004 and has been at UT Arlington since 2004. She regularly teaches the introduction to historical methods, as well as courses in the history of science and technology and Iberian history. Her research centers on the relationship between student (team-based) creation of OER content, experiential learning, and student engagement; student mapped learning pathways and self-regulated learning; interactive and game-based learning.

    Scott W. Palmer received his PhD in History from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1997. From his arrival at UT Arlington in 2016 until Fall 2022, he served as Chair of the Department of History. He regularly teaches courses on Russian/Soviet History, Flight Culture and the Human Experience, and History of Video Games, along with upper level offerings in the History of Technology and Science.” “He is author of Dictatorship of the Air: Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern Russia (Cambridge University Press, 2006), co-editor of Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine in Russia’s Great War and Revolution (Slavica, 2022), and editor of the forthcoming collection Flight Culture and the Human Experience (Texas A&M University Press, 2023).

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