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    General Psychology: An Introduction

    (5 reviews)

    Tori Kearns

    Deborah Lee

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    Publisher: University System of Georgia

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Edward Clint, Assistant Professor, Oregon Institute of Technology on 12/15/23

    This text covers a wide range of topics that are fit for an introductory college psychology course with no major omissions. However, some chapters provide unduly sparse or inadequate coverage. For example, the "Learning and Conditioning" chapter... read more

    Reviewed by Kate Snyder, Associate Professor, Hanover College on 4/23/21

    In general, a fairly comprehensive set of Noba modules that cover the range of key topics in intro psych. The notable exception is a sufficiently comprehensive coverage of gender. Within the developmental chapters, it would be nice to have some... read more

    Reviewed by Kristen Bjork, Psychology Instructor (Adjunct), Community College of Aurora on 8/12/20

    Overall, the main content of Intro Psych is covered. There is no chapter on gender and sexuality though. One chapter on Hormones and Behavior touches on some sex differences, but is just focused on biology. There is a glossary for each chapter.... read more

    Reviewed by Robin Gauthier, Adjunt Professor, North Shore Community College on 6/29/20

    The textbook covers a lot of ground, but is done in a very logical and progressive manner. Each chapter builds from the other, but at the same time is not reliant on the previous or next chapter. It was well written, not complicated, but... read more

    Reviewed by Hilmar von Strunck, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Northern Essex Community College on 5/27/20

    The book has nicely covered all topics for a typical introduction to psychology textbook. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: The Origins of Psychology
    • Chapter 2: The Methods of Psychology
    • Chapter 3: Biological Psychology
    • Chapter 4: Sensation & Perception
    • Chapter 5: Learning & Behavior
    • Chapter 6: States of Consciousness
    • Chapter 7: Memory
    • Chapter 8: Motivation
    • Chapter 9: Stress & Health
    • Chapter 10: Cognition: Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
    • Chapter 11: Human Development
    • Chapter 12: Personality
    • Chapter 13: Psychological Disorders
    • Chapter 14: Therapy
    • Chapter 15: Social Psychology

    Ancillary Material

    • University System of Georgia
    • About the Book

      The NOBA Project is a growing collection of expert-authored, open-licensed modules in psychology, funded by the Diener Education Fund. From these open modules, Tori Kearns and Deborah Lee created an arranged open textbook for her introductory psychology class. This textbook was created under a Round One ALG Textbook Transformation Grant.

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      Tori Kearns, East Georgia State College

      Deborah Lee, East Georgia State College

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