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Foundations of Educational Technology

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Penny Thompson, Oklahoma State University

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Oklahoma State University

Language: English

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Table of Contents


Introduction to Educational Technology

Human Development

Learning Theory


Adult & Workspace Learning


Research in Educational Technology

Instructional Design

Technology Selection and Integration

Acceptance and Diffusion of Technology

Professional Ethics


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  • About the Book

    This text provides a a graduate level introduction to the field of educational technology. 

    About the Contributors


    I am an associate professor in the Educational Technology program at Oklahoma State University.

    My research interests center on areas where technology and human cognition intersect. I’m particularly interested in how immersion in digital technology may or may not be changing habits of mind and attitudes toward learning. My research also extends to how people learn from each other in technology-mediated environments, including both formal learning management systems and informal social networking and content sharing sites.

    Before beginning my academic career I was an e-learning developer and an accounting systems developer.