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Essentials of Linguistics

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Catherine Anderson

Pub Date: 2018


Language: English

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Reviewed by Nick Dobson, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Augustana College on 11/13/18

The text doesn't aim to be comprehensive, omitting, for example, historical linguistics, pragmatics, and conversation structures. As far as I can tell, there is no index and no glossary. read more


Reviewed by Rosa Maria Castaneda, Associate Professor , Fort Hays State University on 10/27/18

The text provides videos and audio scripts to illustrate aspects relevant to the topic in discussion. read more


Table of Contents

  • Part I. Chapter 1: Thinking Like a Linguist
  • Part II. Chapter 2: Producing Speech Sounds
  • Part III. Chapter 3: Transcribing Speech Sounds
  • Part IV. Chapter 4: Speech Sounds in the Mind
  • Part V. Chapter 5: Psycholinguistics of Learning Sounds
  • Part VI. Chapter 6: Word Forms
  • Part VII. Chapter 7: Combining Words
  • Part VIII. Chapter 8: Forming Sentences
  • Part IX. Chapter 9: Sentence Structure and Meaning
  • Part X. Chapter 10: Word Meanings
  • Part XI. Chapter 11: Indigenous Languages
  • Part XII. Back Matter Test

About the Book

This Open Educational Resource (OER) brings together Open Access content from around the web and enhances it with dynamic video lectures about the core areas of theoretical linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics), supplemented with discussion of psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic findings. Essentials of Linguistics is suitable for any beginning learner of linguistics but is primarily aimed at the Canadian learner, focusing on Canadian English for learning phonetic transcription, and discussing the status of Indigenous languages in Canada. Drawing on best practices for instructional design, Essentials of Linguistics is suitable for blended classes, traditional lecture classes, and for self-directed learning. No prior knowledge of linguistics is required.

About the Contributors


Catherine Anderson is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Linguistics & Languages at McMaster University. She earned a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Dr. Anderson c onducts research on undergraduate learning and curriculum in linguistics. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with her partner and their school-aged twins.