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    Entomology 311 Lab Manual - 1st Edition

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    Melissa Scherr, Oregon State University

    Daniel Adams, Oregon State University

    Baylee Bullock, Oregon State University

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    Publisher: Oregon State University

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    Reviewed by Amy Obringer, Professor of Biology, University of Saint Francis on 12/14/22

    Entomology has the potential to be very complicated considering the vast number of insects. However, I think the author did a good job of keeping it simple to highlight the different/unique features of each order. I think if anything is missing,... read more

    Reviewed by Darren Pollock, Professor of Biology, Eastern New Mexico University on 11/11/21

    The lab manual attempts to do FAR too much. It is a combination of very basic information and very advanced, applied aspects of entomology. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Week 1: Introduction to Collection and Curation
    • Week 2: Paleoptera and the Primitive Insects
    • Week 3: Coleoptera and Lepidoptera
    • Week 4: Orthopteroid Orders
    • Week 5: Hemiptera
    • Week 6: Pests, Predators, and Parasitoids, Pt. II
    • Week 7: Soil Insects
    • Week 8: Pollinators
    • Week 9: The Human Body Biome
    • Insect Collection

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    About the Book

    Labs in this book supplement the information gained in lecture, as well as providing some perspective and experience with hands-on applications of ideas in pest management. The labs are presented in week-by-week order, so the pre-labs and reading for week 1 are labeled “Pre-Lab 1” and “Week 1 Reading”.

    Pre-Labs are assignments to be done before lab meets, and will be due at the beginning of Lab. Complete the labs using your textbook, web resources, or the reading assigned for the week.

    Readings are short 1-3 page “chapters” covering background topics pertinent to the upcoming lab, particular groups of insects/arthropods, or methods used in Pest Management. This should be read before coming to Lab each week.

    Lab Assignments need to be printed and brought to class so that they can be completed as a group in Lab. It is sometimes helpful to read through the assignment ahead of time to get an idea of the subject matter for the week.

    About the Contributors


    Melissa Scherr, Oregon State University


    Daniel Adams, Oregon State University

    Baylee Bullock, Oregon State University

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