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Engineering Statics: Open and Interactive

(5 reviews)

Daniel W. Baker, Colorado State University

William Haynes, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Copyright Year: 2020

Publisher: Daniel Baker and William Haynes

Language: English

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Reviewed by Mohammad Valipour, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 8/28/23

I found this book very interesting and thorough. Fortunately, the book covers most of the syllabus for Statics courses that I teach. The order of the chapters is also logical and in a standard form including Introduction to Statics, Forces and... read more

Reviewed by James Book, Assistant Instructional Professor, Pittsburg State University on 12/15/22

This text covers most all topics under the statics umbrella with the notable exception of virtual work. The end of chapter interactive problem sets are excellent and make for a good review of the topics covered. The option to "randomize" each... read more

Reviewed by Michael Pastor, Assistant Professor, Tidewater Community College on 11/27/22

A fully hyperlinked and intuitive table of contents is available for this text. I could find no index, however, the PDF version is searchable, and a search bar exists in the browser edition. For the most part, this text covers all topics normally... read more

Reviewed by Anahita Khodadadi, Assistant Professor, Portland State University on 6/22/22

The textbook covers the fundamental concepts of statics including, force and vector analysis, equilibrium, internal reactions, and geometrical properties. The textbook also includes required steel section tables and a review of trigonometry... read more

Reviewed by Peter Kazarinoff, Professor, Portland Community College on 12/16/21

The topics covered in a typical college Engineering Statics course are present. The chapters follow a common Statics textbook pattern of concepts, starting with forces and particles and ending with friction and moments of inertia. Chapter 6... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction to Statics
  • 2 Forces and Other Vectors
  • 3 Equilibrium of Particles
  • 4 Moments and Static Equivalence
  • 5 Rigid Body Equilibrium
  • 6 Equilibrium of Structures
  • 7 Centroids and Centers of Gravity
  • 8 Internal Loadings
  • 9 Friction
  • 10 Moments of Inertia

Ancillary Material

  • Daniel Baker and William Haynes
  • About the Book

    Engineering Statics is a free, open-source textbook appropriate for anyone who wishes to learn more about vectors, forces, moments, static equilibrium, and the properties of shapes. Specifically, it has been written to be the textbook for Engineering Mechanics: Statics, the first course in the Engineering Mechanics series offered in most university-level engineering programs.


    This book’s content should prepare you for subsequent classes covering Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials. At its core, Engineering Statics provides the tools to solve static equilibrium problems for rigid bodies. The additional topics of resolving internal loads in rigid bodies and computing area moments of inertia are also included as stepping stones for later courses. We have endeavored to write in an approachable style and provide many questions, examples, and interactives for you to engage with and learn from.

    About the Contributors


    Daniel W. Baker, Colorado State University

    William Haynes, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

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