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Digital Foundations: Introduction to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud - Revised Edition

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xtine burrough

Michael Mandiberg

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jason Higgs, Associate Professor, Anderson University on 2/16/23

This book is a solid introduction into using some Adobe tools for design. read more

Reviewed by Scott Thesen, Adjunct Faculty, Governors State University on 2/9/23

This book does a great job of going over artistic theories and how to use tools in the Adobe apps to achieve those artistic effects. There are files provided with step-by-step instructions for how to use the applications, and videos provided to... read more

Reviewed by AVA FEDOROV, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts College of Art and Design on 11/7/22

I found this book to be a great resource for my Visual Language and TIME Classes. Students who needed a bit of extra help felt comforted by the comprehensive and clear breakdown of Adobe programs and the design process. It also helped me teach the... read more

Reviewed by Joseph Tremonti, Professor of Digital Design, Southwestern Oregon Community College on 2/25/22

The text covers a lot of ground but, unfortunately, many of the lessons are superficial in scope and complexity. The activities focus mainly on following a series of prescribed steps — they don't foster creative problem-solving. read more

Reviewed by Elisabeth Kvernen, Assistant Professor, School of Media Arts & Design, James Madison University on 11/28/21

The textbook is an effective introduction to the three primary Adobe design applications—Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and covers many of the topics typically broached in an introductory design/software class. The authors’ approach of... read more

Reviewed by Tara Conant, Adjunct Faculty, Westfield State University on 5/28/21

The textbook seems quite complete with an introduction to some of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Software for a beginning design student. With fourteen chapters covering many aspects of design, it feels that this would be an ‘okay’ stand-alone textbook or... read more

Reviewed by Rick Lostutter, Associate Professor of Art and Design, Hanover College on 4/23/21

The content of this book covers a great deal of design methodology as it pertains to the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud software. Given that it is an introduction, I believe that it does a good job of introducing many skills need to create a... read more

Reviewed by David Burns, Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale on 3/31/21

Digital Foundations is an excellent introductory text exploring the visual, theoretical, and historical contexts of digital media design. The text investigates digital media design practices using popular, industry software Adobe Creative Cloud... read more

Reviewed by Skipper McFarlane, Part Time Instructor, Lane Community College on 8/13/20

This text is a good, comprehensive introductory review of Adobe’s three main tools, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. It frames all three of these tools in a good mix of art history (the Bauhaus), design theory and computer operating systems.... read more

Reviewed by Angela Amaral, Adjunct Professor, Bristol Community College on 6/30/20

I reviewed the Online version. A comprehensive guide for the entry-level student. Student gets a thorough basic instruction on a mix of brief historical information to what they will be learning and how it relates to what they will be doing,... read more

Reviewed by Jennifer Dowling, Professor, Framingham State University on 6/29/20

The book is quite comprehensive. The interspersing of fine art with digital terms/vocabulary and software techniques (demonstrating tools with steps and technical aspects, such as shortcuts, use of mouse/keyboard) is very effective. Important... read more

Reviewed by Michelle Dreiling, Graduate Teaching Employee, University of Oregon on 5/20/20

Subject coverage is comprehensive for an intro-level course - it would be useful to have an index in particular, as terms are defined fairly thoroughly throughout. read more

Reviewed by Chris Ingersoll, Assistant Professor, Marshall University on 3/13/20

The author’s execute the idea of mixing the aesthetics of art and design history with learning the basics of Adobe Creative Cloud software. The book teaches with step-by-step images, text, video and practices. It provides good content for students... read more

Reviewed by Stephanie Paine, Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Arts , University of Louisiana at Lafayette on 10/19/19

The text covers a wide-range of topics useful for the introductory-level student; yet the organizational structure of the chapters provides a quick review for intermediate and advanced students. It includes a breadth of vocabulary relevant to... read more

Reviewed by Moe Folk, Professor, Kuztown University on 5/14/19

While the book covers a great deal and includes some good post-chapter key words, it should include an index with important design words and also sections based on particular applications (e.g., Photoshop, then some of the main things someone... read more

Table of Contents

  • Part I. Chapter 1: The Metaphor of Using Graphics Applications
  • Part II. Chapter 2: Searching and Sampling - Becoming an Expert Web User
  • Part III. Chapter 3: Symmetry
  • Part IV. Chapter 4: Type on a Grid
  • Part V. Chapter 5: Color Theory & Basic Shapes
  • Part VI. Chapter 6: Line Art and Flat Graphics
  • Part VII. Chapter 7: Scanning
  • Part VIII. Chapter 8: Tonal Scale
  • Part IX. Chapter 9: Layering and Collage
  • Part X. Chapter 10: Repetition and Cloning
  • Part XI. Chapter 11: Non-Destructive Editing
  • Part XII. Chapter 12: Getting It Out - Digital Output for Web
  • Part XIII. Chapter 13: Multiple Pages: Unity
  • Part XIV. Chapter 14: Two-Page Spreads

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  • About the Book

    Digital Foundations uses formal exercises of the Bauhaus to teach the Adobe Creative Suite. All students of digital design and production—whether learning in a classroom or on their own—need to understand the basic principles of design in order to implement them using current software. Far too often design is left out of books that teach software for the trade and academic markets. Consequently, the design software training exercise is often a lost opportunity for visual learning. This revised edition updates the original text for use with Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 software.

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