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Customer Centric Strategy

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Kerri Shields, Toronto, CA

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: eCampusOntario

Language: English

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Reviewed by Emmett Dulaney, Professor, Anderson University on 1/11/23

A loyal customer can be a profitable customer and as the name of the book implies, making the customer the focus of everything is imperative in today’s marketing environment. Proactively choosing to include the customers’ journey as a part of a... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Defining Customer Centricity

  • Chapter 2: Being a Customer Service Representative (CSR)

  • Chapter 3: Managing a Customer Service Team

  • Chapter 4: Using Contact Center Technology to improve CX

  • Chapter 5: Working in a Customer Contact Center

  • Chapter 6: Managing a Customer Contact Center

  • Chapter 7: Designing Products, Services, and Processes with Customers in Mind

  • Chapter 8: Leading a Customer Centric Strategy

  • Glossary of Terms

Ancillary Material

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  • About the Book

    Customer centricity is about organizational transformation making the customer the focus for business decisions, processes, product development, services, and procedures. Some companies purport to be customer centric but they fall short in connecting this concept throughout all functional areas of the business.  While it is important to offer superb customer service, being customer centric is far more than that.  It's about mapping the customer journey to discover customer needs and wants, what's working and what is not, then taking action to improve the customer experience. Customer loyalty is built through providing exceptional customer experiences.  This in turn increases revenues through positive company image, referrals, and increased customer lifetime value. Most organizations today realize that they must focus on the customer to remain competitive.

    About the Contributors


    Working as a college professor for many years I have honed my customer service skills in working with cross-departmental teams, external partners, and internal customers, and it seems that regardless of the job you choose to do, developing your customer service skills will help make you more effective and efficient. In the past, I have worked as a customer service representative in B-2-B and B-2-C environments, as a customer service manager in HR solutions, as a training coordinator in corporate training, and as a call center manager (both in credit and collections and loyalty programs) and have come to realize that every job role has a customer service component.

    During my time as a corporate trainer, I designed and delivered training programs in “Exceeding Customer Expectations” as one of the various sessions my employer delivered. In 2016 I designed a college course called, “Customer Service and Relationship Building” and then in 2018 I designed another college course called, “Customer Centric Strategy” which became the catalyst for this OER book.

    In developing this book I have researched many sources and compiled the resources that support the concept of customer centricity. When I teach this college course I also include exercises for students on Salesforce CRM using the Trailhead learning platform. It is important for students to learn technologies used in business today and especially those used to support building long-lasting positive relationships with customers. Another exercise I usually provide students is one in which they use the Hootsuite platform to practice promoting a business through social media. They learn to respond positively to customer enquires and complaints.

    I hope you find the content interesting and the lessons helpful, and maybe you get a few ideas for practicing customer service skills from the exercises in each chapter. I will try my best to update it from time to time just in case some videos or resources become obsolete or outdated.

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