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    Creative Translation for Real-World Contexts: English ↔ Spanish

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    Remy Attig, Bowling Green State University

    Copyright Year:

    Publisher: Bowling Green State University Libraries

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgements
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 - Descripción y narración
    • Chapter 2 - Business & Professional
    • Chapter 3 - Publicidad
    • Chapter 4 - Translating for Specialized Contexts
    • Chapter 5 - La traducción como actividad artística
    • Apéndices

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    About the Book

    Creative Translation for Real-World Contexts is one of the first translation textbooks designed for Spanish/English speakers at an intermediate-high (B2) level. This book introduces students to the basic ideas of translation while addressing frequent pain points that recur when working bidirectionally. Additionally, a focus is placed on fostering metacognitive skills by encouraging creative translation from real-world environments such as narration, business, advertising, specialized contexts (including inclusive and queer language), and in situations when there are no clear translations available, such as sci-fi and fantasy works. Chapters alternate between Spanish and English as the languages of discussion, thus providing an equitable challenge for native speakers of both languages.

    About the Contributors


    Remy Attig is an Assistant Professor of Translation Studies & Spanish at Bowling Green State University. Remy is particularly interested in the equity in the translation process, particularly where power differentials, minoritized identities, and diaspora/ border language varieties are concerned. He has published on these issues and on the dubbing and subtitling of Spanglish and Queer identities in TV and film in PMLA, Mutatis Mutandis, Translation and Interpreting Studies, and other journals and edited collections.

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