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Conversaciones Corrientes: Temas de Cultura y Sociedad

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Laurie A. Massery, Randolph-Macon College

María José Bordera, Randolph-Macon College

Pedro Larrea-Rubio, Randolph-Macon College

Publisher: Laurie Massery

Language: English

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Reviewed by Slav Gratchev, Professor, Marshall University on 4/8/23

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Table of Contents

  • About the book: description, design and teaching methodology
  • About the authors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Guidelines for authors and contributors
  • I. ¿Cuál es tu historia?
  • II. Caminos que se presentan
  • III. Controversias y polémicas del siglo XXI
  • IV. La diversidad del español y del mundo hispano
  • V. Actividades suplementarias
  • VI. Pruebas y entrevista final
  • VII. Suggestions for activity design

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About the Book

This book is designed to facilitate conversation in Spanish among intermediate and post-intermediate learners of Spanish. The following online textbook allows students to read about, review and discuss interesting, entertaining and relevant topics that will undoubtedly elicit conversation and friendly debate among classmates.  Topics including spirituality, family design, life choices, social norms and even history and its impact on Generation Z, are discussed.

About the Contributors


Dr. Massery received her PhD from the University of Florida, where she specialized in second language acquisition and Hispanic linguistics. Throughout her years at Randolph-Macon College, she has authored and co-authored a variety of articles in her field. Dr. Massery has successfully implemented the Controlled Random Group Generator in Conversation (CRGG-C Framework), of her own design, into her conversation courses for nearly fifteen years and has shared her methodology with other colleagues in foreign language instruction. The CRGG-C Framework has been well-received at both the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Dr. Bordera-Amérigo holds a PhD in Spanish studies with an emphasis on contemporary Spanish literature and culture from The University of Pennsylvania.  She has taught courses that integrate literature, film, and music as part of her training in cultural and professional studies. She is a native speaker of Spanish and has ample experience teaching courses such as conversation in Spanish, advanced grammar and composition, translation, medical Spanish, literature and contemporary Spanish culture.

Dr. Larrea-Rubio, originally from Spain, received his PhD from the University of Virginia. Dr. Larrea-Rubio is currently an associate professor of Spanish at the University of Lynchburg, where he specializes in Spanish literature and poetry. Dr. Larrea-Rubio teaches a variety of courses in Spanish language, literature and conversation and is a highly accomplished scholar and author in his field of study.

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