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    Contemporary Mathematics

    (2 reviews)

    Donna Kirk, University of Wisconsin

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    Publisher: OpenStax

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    Reviewed by Laura Stapleton, Instructor, Marshall University on 5/14/24

    The book was thorough and well written. It covers a variety of topics that many courses can draw from. read more

    Reviewed by Emily Jones, Lecturer, University of Texas at Arlington on 12/1/23

    Incredibly detailed examples, with step by step solutions an an excellent array of exercises for each section. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1. Sets
    • Chapter 2. Logic
    • Chapter 3. Real Number Systems and Number Theory
    • Chapter 4. Number Representation and Calculation
    • Chapter 5. Algebra
    • Chapter 6. Money Management
    • Chapter 7. Probability 
    • Chapter 8. Statistics
    • Chapter 9. Metric Measurement
    • Chapter 10. Geometry
    • Chapter 11. Voting and Apportionment
    • Chapter 12. Graph Theory
    • Chapter 13. Math and Art

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    About the Book

    Contemporary Mathematics is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements for a liberal arts mathematics course. This resource provides stand-alone sections with a focus on showing relevance in the features as well as the examples, exercises, and exposition. Contemporary Mathematics integrates technology applications, projects, and highlights a diverse group of contributors to mathematics, statistics, and related fields.

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    Donna Kirk, University of Wisconsin at Superior

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