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    Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

    (7 reviews)

    Larry Peterson, Princeton University

    Bruce Davie, VMWare

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    Publisher: Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Godmar Back, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech on 12/30/21

    This book covers networks from a systems perspective, focusing on the design principles underlying the construction of large networks, their protocols and the applications they support. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the protocols and... read more

    Reviewed by Cong Pu, Assistant Professor, Marshall University on 12/5/21

    This book tries to use a systematic view to explain the computer network by focusing on several major components in the Internet, so several topics have to be grouped together. For example, "Internetworking" section, it covers switch, Ethernet,... read more

    Reviewed by Shahab Hussain, Adjunct Professor, North Shore Community College on 6/10/20

    This book presents majority of the networking critical areas and explains latest hot topics in the industry. More pictures, charts and tables can make it more attractive for students. read more

    Reviewed by Mya T. Bowen, Assistant Professor, Roxbury Community College on 5/29/20, updated 7/14/20

    This book will be used to identify problems in the information technology industry. Every chapter presents a problem to be analyzed by students which is suitable for developing the critical thinking skills of students. read more

    Reviewed by Yiheng Liang, Asst. Prof., Bridgewater State University on 5/27/20

    Almost all important areas in computer networks are covered in this book. read more

    Reviewed by Pamela Jensen, Instructor, Minnesota State University System on 3/7/20

    The bool appears to be comprehensive, but a little wordy. Perhaps say the same thing without repetition and stay focused on the subject. read more

    Reviewed by Jon Craton, Assistant Professor, Anderson University on 2/8/20

    This book does an excellent job of covering all of the major topic areas in computer networking. It provides a good overview of networking and then dives into the details of the most important sections of the network stack. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Foundation
    • Chapter 2: Direct Connections
    • Chapter 3: Internetworking
    • Chapter 4: Advanced Internetworking
    • Chapter 5: End-to-End Protocols
    • Chapter 6: Congestion Control
    • Chapter 7: End-to-End Data
    • Chapter 8: Network Security
    • Chapter 9: Applications

    Ancillary Material

    • Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie
    • About the Book

      Suppose you want to build a computer network, one that has the potential to grow to global proportions and to support applications as diverse as teleconferencing, video on demand, electronic commerce, distributed computing, and digital libraries. What available technologies would serve as the underlying building blocks, and what kind of software architecture would you design to integrate these building blocks into an effective communication service? Answering this question is the overriding goal of this book—to describe the available building materials and then to show how they can be used to construct a network from the ground up.

      About the Contributors


      Larry Peterson is CTO at the Open Networking Foundation and the Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus) at Princeton University

      Bruce Davie is VP & CTO at VMWare for Asia Pacific and Japan

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