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    Communication Across Cultures

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    Heejin Chang, University of Southern Queensland

    Scott Windeatt, Newcastle University

    Esther Stockwell, Hosei University

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    ISBN 13: 9780645679663

    Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • About this booklet
    • Using
    • Self-assessment: Intercultural Communication Competence 
    • Module 1: What is culture for you?
    • Module 2: Culture shock
    • Module 3: Intercultural challenges – recognising and dealing with
    • Comprehension Check and Self-assessment: Intercultural Communication

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    About the Book

    These resources will prepare culturally and linguistically diverse students for academic study in situations involving intercultural communication.

    About the Contributors


    Heejin Chang is an educator and lecturer in the English Program at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. With a passion for exploring innovative approaches to language education, her research focuses on technology-enhanced language learning and teaching, Her expertise extends to material development, as she actively seeks to create resources that engage and inspire language learners.


    Scott Windeatt has been teaching languages and lecturing in Applied Linguistics for more than 50 years, most recently for 20+ years at Newcastle University in the UK. Now retired from full-time teaching, he still researches, publishes, and lectures on a range of Applied Linguistics topics.


    Esther Stockwell is a Professor at the Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University in Japan. She has rich international experience in education and research. She has educated and published in multiculturalism, intercultural communication, and intercultural education using technology. Her recent study is about promoting multiculturalism (cultural diversity and equitable participation) and developing an intercultural communication education program, especially in a relatively homogeneous cultural environment.


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