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CITOYEN.NE.S: Conversation en Français

(5 reviews)

Annabelle Dolidon, Portland State University

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: Portland State University Library

Language: English

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Reviewed by Peter Eubanks, Professor of French, James Madison University on 4/22/24

There is wide coverage of a variety of topics, genres, and media. The text more than amply covers material that one would hope to find in a French conversation at the intermediate (or “bridge course”) level. While there are detailed tables of... read more

Reviewed by Mélanie Munier, French lecturer, James Madison University on 3/22/23

This textbook is designed for intermediate-level students but it could also be used for more advanced students in a conversation class for example. There are many links to external authentic resources such as articles and websites. There are some... read more

Reviewed by Renee Altergott, Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, Wabash College on 11/6/22

This textbook does an excellent job representing the true diversity of the Francophone world and speakers of the French language. A. Dolidon’s inclusive aims can be seen in the thematic content right down to some of the grammar exercises (for... read more

Reviewed by Tara Smithson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College on 6/15/22

Simply put, is the resource that I had been waiting for. As a textbook, it offers compelling content organized around five themes and a wealth of exercises, collaborative tasks, project ideas. It could be used in its entirety, to... read more

Reviewed by Sarah-Kay Hurst, Assistant Professor of French, The George Washington University on 1/24/22

This textbook conscientiously integrates diversity and inclusion, seeking to present a more heterogeneous representation of French speakers and an exploration of francophone cultures beyond Metropolitan France. Additional resources, like news... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1. Bases culturelles
  • 2. Questions contemporaines
  • 3. Voyager, étudier, se soigner
  • 4. Le monde professionnel et l’économie
  • 5. L’art et les divertissements

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About the Book

CITOYEN.NE.S is a French language method for the conversation class at the intermediate/ advanced level. Content and activities are built around the concepts of diversity, inclusivity and equity, and engage students to practice French while questioning and participating in the world they live in – to be full citizens whatever their background, their race or their gender identity. As the French spelling of the title indicates, the book embraces écriture inclusive and uses it for instructions and general information for all students.

The book is composed of five chapters covering various themes. None of them provides again basic vocabulary from first- and second-year French courses, like food and body parts. Instead, each chapter builds on students’ previous knowledge and takes them further to develop language and cultural skills.

Each chapter presents a mix of vocabulary lists and activities, authentic documents and others that have been written for the book, based on research. Chapters end with creative activities and one overarching assignment that help students go deeper in topics of interest. Early chapters have two grammar reviews, later chapters only one.

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Annabelle Dolidon, Portland State University

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