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Biomedical Engineering Lab Manual Volume 1

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Sarah Breen, University of Oklahoma

Copyright Year: 2022

Last Update: 2023

Publisher: SHAREOK

Language: English

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Table of Contents

Module 1 Introduction to Functional Human Models

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 1 Lab Procedure
  • Post Lab Activity

Module 2 Functional Human Models

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 2 Lab Procedure
  • Module 2 Post Lab Activity

Module 3 Musculoskeletal Lever Systems

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 3 Lab Procedure
  • Module 3 Post Lab Activity

Module 4 Bioimaging Introduction

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 4 Lab Procedure 
  • Module 4 Post Lab Activity

Module 5 Factors Influencing Force Production

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 5 Lab Procedure
  • Module 5 Post Lab Activity

Module 6 Uniaxial Testing & Anisotropy

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 6 Lab Procedure
  • Module 6 Post Lab Activity

Module 7 Uniaxial Testing of Viscoelastic Material

  • Pre Lab-Review
  • Module 7 Lab Procedure 
  • Module 7 Post Lab Activity

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  • About the Book

    The lab manual was written as the first installment that coincides with two lab courses taught at the University of Oklahoma (BME3171, BME3181). These courses are designed to provide Biomedical Engineering students with lab skills and experience in biomedical engineering research and clinical techniques. This manual is used with BME3171 Lab 1 and the following topics are covered in this lab manual; functional human models, musculoskeletal lever systems, bioimaging (ultrasound), bioelectricity (electromyography), & uni-axial testing.

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    Dr. Sarah Breen, University of Oklahoma

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