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Artificial Intelligence and Librarianship

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Martin Frické, The University of Arizona

Copyright Year: 2023

ISBN 13: 9780473686826

Publisher: SoftOption

Language: English

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Reviewed by Tabitha Driver, Learning Resource Center Lead, Eastern Shore Community College on 10/17/23

While there is no index or glossary, the Table of Contents is very helpful in understanding the division of topics. There are also 60 pages of appendices. The division of librarians’ roles into synergists, sentries, educators, managers, and... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 0: Some Theoretical Background to Librarianship 
  • Chapter 1: Intellectual Background 
  • Chapter 2: Chatbots 
  • Chapter 3: Language Models 
  • Chapter 4: Large Language Models 
  • Chapter 5: Bias 
  • Chapter 6: Bias in Machine Learning and Librarianship 
  • Chapter 7: What Might Natural Language Processing (NLP) Bring to Librarianship? 
  • Chapter 8: What are the Opportunities for Librarians? 
  • Chapter 9: Librarians as Synergists 
  • Chapter 10: Librarians as Sentries 
  • Chapter 11: Librarians as Educators 
  • Chapter 12: Librarians as Managers 
  • Chapter 13: Librarians as Astronauts 
  • Appendix A: Working With LLMs 
  • Appendix B: Two Important Methodological Points 
  • Appendix C: Causal Diagrams
  • Bibliography 

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About the Book

Courses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Librarianship in ALA-accredited Masters of Library and Information (MLIS) degrees are rare. We have all been surprised by ChatGPT and similar Large Language Models. Generative AI is an important new area for librarianship. It is also developing so rapidly that no one can really keep up. Those trying to produce AI courses for the MLIS degree need all the help they can get. This book is a gesture of support. It consists of about 95,000 words on the topic, with a 3-400 item bibliography.

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Martin Frické, The University of Arizona

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