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American Literatures After 1865

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Scott D. Peterson, St. Louis, MO

Amy Berke, Macon, GA

Robert Bleil, Brunswick, GA

Publisher: University of Missouri - St. Louis

Language: English

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Reviewed by Rachael Hammond, Lecturer of English, Shenandoah University on 4/14/23

The provided selections are generally the “hits” –both critically and popularly. The book includes perennial favorites, such as “A Rose for Emily,” “The Yellow Wall-paper,” “The Red Wheelbarrow,” and more. Some selections do take the reader... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I. Contemporary Fiction: Metamodernism 101 / Silko / Faulkner
  • II. Contemporary Fiction: Hughes / Walker / Cather
  • III. Late Romanticism: Whitman / Dickinson
  • IV. Realism: Twain / Harte / Howells / Bierce
  • V. Realism: James / Jewett / Chopin
  • VI.  Realism: Freeman / Chesnutt / Gilman
  • VII. Naturalism & Modernism: Norris / Crane / London / Washington / Du Bois
  • VIII. Modernism: Frost / Stevens / Williams / Pound / Moore / Eliot
  • IX. Modernism: Millay / Cummings / Fitzgerald / Hemingway
  • X. Modernism: Miller
  • XI. Southern Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance: Glasgow / Welty / Fauset / Larsen / Cullen
  • XII. Southern Renaissance: O'Connor / Williams
  • XIII. Southern Renaissance & Postmodernism: Williams / Baldwin / Rich / Morrison / Plath / Ginsberg
  • Glossary

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  • About the Book

    This book is an anthology of American Literatures After 1865, a reimagining of the open educational resource: Writing the Nation: A Concise Introduction to American Literature 1865 to Present.

    About the Contributors


    Scott D. Peterson, University of Missouri-St. Louis

    Amy Berke, Middle Georgia State University

    Robert Bleil, College of Coastal Georgia

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