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American Literatures After 1865

(2 reviews)

Scott D. Peterson, St. Louis, MO

Amy Berke, Macon, GA

Robert Bleil, Brunswick, GA

Publisher: University of Missouri - St. Louis

Language: English

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Reviewed by Leah M, Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis on 12/18/23

American Literatures After 1865 includes many of the standard "canonical" works and authors we've come to expect and love from anthologies of this sort, as well as thoughtful review questions. Many of the sections and authors have introductions,... read more

Reviewed by Rachael Hammond, Lecturer of English, Shenandoah University on 4/14/23

The provided selections are generally the “hits” –both critically and popularly. The book includes perennial favorites, such as “A Rose for Emily,” “The Yellow Wall-paper,” “The Red Wheelbarrow,” and more. Some selections do take the reader... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I. Contemporary Fiction: Metamodernism 101 / Silko / Faulkner
  • II. Contemporary Fiction: Hughes / Walker / Cather
  • III. Late Romanticism: Whitman / Dickinson
  • IV. Realism: Twain / Harte / Howells / Bierce
  • V. Realism: James / Jewett / Chopin
  • VI.  Realism: Freeman / Chesnutt / Gilman
  • VII. Naturalism & Modernism: Norris / Crane / London / Washington / Du Bois
  • VIII. Modernism: Frost / Stevens / Williams / Pound / Moore / Eliot
  • IX. Modernism: Millay / Cummings / Fitzgerald / Hemingway
  • X. Modernism: Miller
  • XI. Southern Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance: Glasgow / Welty / Fauset / Larsen / Cullen
  • XII. Southern Renaissance: O'Connor / Williams
  • XIII. Southern Renaissance & Postmodernism: Williams / Baldwin / Rich / Morrison / Plath / Ginsberg
  • Glossary

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About the Book

This book is an anthology of American Literatures After 1865, a reimagining of the open educational resource: Writing the Nation: A Concise Introduction to American Literature 1865 to Present.

About the Contributors


Scott D. Peterson, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Amy Berke, Middle Georgia State University

Robert Bleil, College of Coastal Georgia

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