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Traffic Flow Theory: An introduction with exercises

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Victor L. Knoop, Delft University of Technology

Copyright Year: 2018

Last Update: 2021

ISBN 13: 9789463663786

Publisher: TU Delft Open

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Variables
  • 2 Cumulative curves
  • 3 Relationships of traffic variables
  • 4 Shock wave theory
  • 5 Shockwave theory: moving bottlenecks
  • 6 Traffic states and Phenomena
  • 7 Car-following
  • 8 Microscopic lane change models
  • 9 Use of traffic models
  • 10 Macroscopic Dynamic Traffic flow Models
  • 11 An Introduction to Node Models
  • 12 Macroscopic fundamental diagram
  • 13 Method of characteristics
  • 14 Headway models
  • 15 Traffic state dynamics in three representations

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  • About the Book

    Traffic processes cause several problems in the world. Traffic delay, pollution are some of it. They can be solved with the right road design or traffic management (control) measure. Before implementing these designs of measures, though, their effect could be tested. To this end, knowledge of traffic flow theory is needed.

    About the Contributors


    Victor L. Knoop, Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
    Dr. Victor Knoop is associate professor at the Department of Transport & Planning. He has a background in flows, with a master degree in physics. Since his PhD his main research interest lies in traffic dynamics. His research focuses on how driver movements create effects at the level of a traffic stream.

    He is author of over 200 scientific publications in the field of Traffic Flow Theory. He is a very enthousiastic lecturer, and has taught courses on Traffic Flow Theory for over a decade.

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