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    Academic Success

    (7 reviews)

    Wendy Hargreaves, University of Southern Queensland

    Cristy Bartlett, University of Southern Queensland

    Kate Derrington, University of Southern Queensland

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    Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Deatrea Rose, Asst. VP Student Life; Senior Diversity Officer, College Success Instructor, Pittsburg State University on 1/18/23

    Academic Success is a wonderful resource for first year students entering college. Part A of the text opens with introducing students to college life and what some of those expectations will be. College is not like high school and students will... read more

    Reviewed by Rose Reith, Adjunct Professor, Worcester State University on 12/9/22

    Academic Success is a comprehensive textbook for students in the first year of university, whether they are college age or nontraditional students. Part A covers a range of topics starting with arriving at school and learning where and how to make... read more

    Reviewed by Madeline Goldman, Adjunct Instructor and Academic Advisor, Virginia Commonwealth University on 8/9/22

    I think this book is very thorough in it's review of challenges that first year students face as well as how they can overcome these barriers. I would find this topic extremely important in the student success class that I teach. It also covers a... read more

    Reviewed by Rebecca Steen, Academic Advisor II/Adjunct Faculty, Rogue Community College on 3/11/22

    Academic Success was a comprehensive text that would be a great resource for students to consult when going into higher education. read more

    Reviewed by Brenda Williams, Part-time Faculty, Lane Community College on 12/21/21

    This is a great book to learn about how to succeed at the university. Every section has a picture at the top and then the key points. It uses a variety of graphs and pictures. I did not see any videos or glossaries. read more

    Reviewed by Andrew Lehr, Dean of Student Academic Support, University of Saint Francis on 12/15/21

    The book does an excellent job of covering a comprehensive overview of academic factors that impact student success during college. The book is well-researched and full of different topics that all apply to students, especially first-year... read more

    Reviewed by Abe Saunders, Instructor, Learning Strategies, College of Charleston on 2/22/21

    The search feature serves as a very nice index of the thorough content in this textbook. read more

    Table of Contents

    • I. Part A: Successful Beginnings
      • Beginnings
      • Adjusting to University
      • Successful Connections
    • II. Part B: Successful Foundations
      • English Language Foundations
      • Working with Information
    • III. Part C: Successful Study Skills
      • Goals and Priorities
      • Combatting Procrastination
      • Time Management
      • Study Space
      • Reading
      • Notetaking
      • Thinking
    • IV. Part D: Successful Assessment
      • Managing Assessment
      • Writing Assignments
      • Types of Assignments
      • Presentations
      • Preparing for Exams
      • Types of Exams

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    About the Book

    Academic Success is designed to help students on their university journey. It is divided into four parts, each reflecting different aspects of a student’s tertiary experience. Part A: Successful Beginnings addresses what it is like to be a new student at an Australian university. Part B: Successful Foundations introduces basic skills in English language, techniques for accessing and working with information, and understanding academic integrity. Part C: Successful Study Skills presents the everyday, core skills that successful students use while at university. Lastly, Part D: Successful Assessment meets head-on the challenges of tertiary assessments. This open book ultimately aids students across all disciplines in achieving academic success at university.

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    Wendy Hargreaves, University of Southern Queensland

    Cristy Bartlett, University of Southern Queensland

    Kate Derrington, University of Southern Queensland

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