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Intermediate Microeconomics

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Patrick M. Emerson, Oregon State University

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Oregon State University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Ulmaskhon Kalandarova, Instructor, Colorado State University on 5/25/21

The book covers all classical sections in Intermediate Micro course: preferences, utility max, cost min, consumer and producer theories, and also it covers Micro-II Game Theory topics as risk, uncertainty, game theory, models of oligopoly... read more

Reviewed by Christie Byun, Associate Professor, Wabash College on 2/15/21

This textbook covers the main ideas of Intermediate Micro. It has good coverage of both consumer and producer theory, different market structures (perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly) and has good coverage of game theory topics relevant to... read more

Table of Contents

  • Module 1: Preferences and Indifference Curves
  • Module 2: Utility
  • Module 3: Budget Constraint
  • Module 4: Consumer Choice
  • Module 5: Individual Demand and Market Demand
  • Module 6: Firms and their Production Decisions
  • Module 7: Minimizing Costs
  • Module 8: Cost Curves
  • Module 9: Profit Maximization and Supply
  • Module 10: Market Equilibrium – Supply and Demand
  • Module 11: Comparative Statics - Analyzing and Assessing Changes in Markets
  • Module 12: Input Markets
  • Module 13: Perfect Competition
  • Module 14: General Equilibrium
  • Module 15: Monopoly
  • Module 16: Pricing Strategies
  • Module 17: Game Theory
  • Module 18: Models of Oligopoly – Cournot, Bertrand and Stackleberg
  • Module 19: Monopolistic Competition
  • Module 20: Externalities
  • Module 21: Public Goods
  • Module 22: Asymmetric Information
  • Module 23: Uncertainty and Risk
  • Module 24: Time – Money Now or Later?

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About the Book

Intermediate Microeconomics is a comprehensive microeconomic theory text that uses real world policy questions to motivate and illustrate the material in each chapter. Intermediate Microeconomics is an approachable yet rigorous textbook that covers the entire scope of traditional microeconomic theory and includes two mathematical approaches, allowing instructors to teach the material with or without calculus. With real-world policy topics as an entree into each subject, Intermediate Microeconomics will help students engage with the material and facilitate learning not only the concepts, but their importance and application as well.

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Patrick M. Emerson, Oregon State University

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