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Trauma Informed Behaviour Support: A Practical Guide to Developing Resilient Learners

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Kay Ayre, Edith Cowan University

Govind Krishnamoorthy, University of Southern Queensland

Copyright Year: 2020

ISBN 13: 9780648769835

Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

Language: English

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Reviewed by Sonja Ezell, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/14/24

The text provides details and thoughtful - research driven practices related to trauma and resilient support for school age learners. read more

Reviewed by Tina Herring, Professor Specail Education, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 1/18/24

This well-organized text excels in presenting complex ideas around Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) in a clear and engaging way. I particularly appreciate the chapter structure, moving from empathy and understanding ("Understand and empathize") to... read more

Reviewed by Sharon Gilbert, Professor, Radford University on 11/12/23

There is no index or glossary but being searchable online is functional. The videos are interesting and helpful to see what it might be like from a child's standpoint. The explanation of the “window of tolerance” is helpful. The “Plan, Prompt,... read more

Reviewed by Chris Hass, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 11/1/22

This text provides a good amount of background information to help readers better understand and empathize with students who suffer from trauma as well as offering structures that can be used to observe, reflect, prevent, teach, and more. The... read more

Reviewed by Staci Gilpin, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 8/20/22

Comprehensive and practitioner-friendly text that connects trauma-informed practices with strategies for supporting students and the secondary trauma educators sometimes experience. read more

Reviewed by Mandy Olsen, Instructor, Western Oregon University on 2/23/22

A comprehensive guide to trauma informed practices for any practitioner that works directly with children affected by adverse childhood experiences. read more

Reviewed by Adrainne Thomas, Assistant Professor, Virginia State University on 7/13/21

Trauma-Informed Behaviour Support: A Practical Guide to Developing Resilient Learners by Kay Ayre and Govind Krishnamoorthy is a comprehensive text designed to educate practitioners on the severity and causes of trauma, its effect on development... read more

Reviewed by Gloria Crowell, Adjunct Professor, Franklin College on 4/22/21

Book covers all aspects of this topic. Includes easy to use index of information. read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Understand and empathise
  • II. Observe and reflect
  • III. Prevent and contain
  • IV. Connect and validate
  • V. Teach and reinforce
  • VI. Survive and thrive

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About the Book

If we want to impact the world of children who have experienced trauma then we must change not only ourselves and our classroom, but we must change our schools, our organisations, and our systems of care for children.  We must all speak out for these children who have no voice to bring awareness of new educational and mental health approaches to children who will become tomorrow’s failed adults unless they receive our understanding and our help.

For whatever reason you have been attracted to this book, you have come to the right place.  You may at times put it down and wonder if the challenge is too great, but trust me it is not.  If you stay engaged with this book and with a child who has experienced trauma then you will learn new understandings, new ideas and new ways to reach the mind, the heart and the soul of young people who need our support and our love.

About the Contributors


Dr. Kay Ayre is a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies in the School of Education at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. She has a background in early years teaching and behaviour support. She has worked extensively with disengaged and disruptive children, their teachers and schools. Kay has a passion for helping build the capacity of teachers to develop and maintain positive, inclusive classrooms with a focus on supporting children affected by trauma who demonstrate serious, disruptive behaviour. Her research interests are in challenging behaviour of children, positive behaviour support, trauma informed practice and parent-school engagement.

Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy is a clinical psychologist and lecturer in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Govind’s clinical practice and research focuses on improving mental health and educational outcomes for children and adolescents from marginalised backgrounds. He has worked extensively with children and families exposed to abuse and neglect in both public and private sector. Govind has collaborated extensively with schools and a number of child welfare services in implementing systems approaches for trauma informed and attachment sensitive practices.

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