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    Parenting and Family Diversity Issues

    (6 reviews)

    Diana Lang, Iowa State University

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    Publisher: Iowa State University

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Martha Cipullo, Adjunct Professor, Bunker Hill Community College on 4/5/23

    The text begins with a comprehensive review of the literature of the key concepts on the influences on parenting, parenting tasks and the role of families and the community. Other topics discussed separately include parenting theories from the... read more

    Reviewed by Adria Hoffman, Affiliate Graduate Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University on 9/5/22

    This text introduces a breadth of topics related to parenting and family diversity. It reads as an introductory survey text. However, I found it lacking the critical approach needed when discussing diversity. Instead of directly mentioning... read more

    Reviewed by Anne Robertson, Senior Lecture-Early Childhood Education, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 9/19/21

    The context of this text is fairly comprehensive. It includes the areas of parenting and family theories, parenting styles, child-rearing strategies and contexts and developmental milestones. It is missing a connection to the community as well as... read more

    Reviewed by Sarah DiMeo, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Worcester State University on 6/9/21

    The content of the text is comprehensive. The content areas include parenting theory, family theories, parenting styles, child-rearing strategies, child-rearing in a variety of contexts, and developmental milestones. Each of the topic areas is... read more

    Reviewed by Rochelle Rowley, Associate Professor, Emporia State University on 5/17/21

    The content of the text is fairly comprehensive. Overall topics include theory, parenting styles and strategies for discipline, and developmental milestones. The text provides historical references to understand how and why parenting is conducted... read more

    Reviewed by Hilary Seitz, Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of Alaska Anchorage on 11/24/20, updated 1/10/21

    The content described in the textbook is very comprehensive. Topics include Key concepts of parenting, parenting theory, family theories, parenting styles, child-rearing strategies (guidance and discipline), child-rearing in a variety of... read more

    Table of Contents

    • I. Key Concepts
    • II. Parenting Theory
    • III. Family Theories
    • IV. Parenting Styles
    • V. Child-Rearing Strategies
    • VI. Child-rearing in a Variety of Contexts
    • VII. Developmental Milestones

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    About the Book

    This book has been created for students and all individuals who work with children and families (e.g., educators, parents, caregivers, direct support workers, etc.) in diverse contexts.  It is imperative to understand how and what factors may influence child outcomes across the lifespan. Therefore, key concepts related to parenting, child-rearing, care-giving, and parenting education are outlined in this textbook to provide historical, theoretical, and practical perspectives across vast settings and developmental domains. 

    About the Contributors


    Dr. Lang is an Associate Teaching Professor at Iowa State University who teaches a variety of courses within the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She is also a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) which is recognized in the U.S. and Canada for Family Life Education professions. Her areas of interest include adoption, parenting, parent-child communications, topic avoidance, individual and family development across the life span, policy, professional orientation and service learning, and human sexuality education. She is the proud parent of two adult children and is the volunteer executive director and founder of a non-profit organization that promotes adoption as a positive parenting option.

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