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    The ELC: An Early Childhood Learning Community at Work

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    Heather Bridge

    Lorraine Melita

    Patricia Roiger

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    Reviewed by Robin Johnson, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi on 11/11/22

    The problems of practice presented in this book through case studies are beneficial points of discussion and much needed for many educator preparation programs. Varied settings for placements are discussed making it adaptable to the needs of... read more

    Reviewed by Amy Jo Clark, Part Time Instructor School of Education, Buena Vista University on 11/17/21

    This text discusses the comprehensive action research undertaken to ensure teaching candidates and eductaors engage in life-long learning to achieve better outcomes in the early childhood classroom. The text describes the goal to increase... read more

    Reviewed by Laura Hamilton, Part-Time Instructor, Oregon Coast Community College on 1/12/21

    The authors start with the problem of alignment between the goals of the standards published by NAEYC and the reality of the workplace. They had a grant for close to $150,000 to work with to build meaningful connections for a range of... read more

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Setting up the Early Learning Community (ELC)

    • 1. Building Blocks for the ELC

    Part II: Case Studies2. Improving Children’s Socio-Dramatic Play

    • 3. Developing a Science Area
    • 4. Improving Opportunities for Physical Play
    • 5. Improving Play at the Sensory Table
    • 6. Boys’ Capacity to Express Emotions
    • 7. Improving Differentiation during Morning Meetings

    Part III: Reflections

    • 8. Participants’ Responses to the ELC
    • 9. Conclusion
    • Appendix A: Educators’ Questionnaire
    • Appendix B: Teacher Candidates’ Questionnaire

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    About the Book

    The ELC professional development model was designed to improve the quality of teacher candidates’ Practicum field placements and align teaching in field placements with Learning Standards used in the teacher education program.

    Teams of four educators from varied settings worked in a Practicum placement setting for one semester to improve their teaching and align it with Learning Standards. An action research approach improved teaching challenges teams faced. Research articles were read to improve teams’ teaching challenges by implementing one agreed strategy. Teams video-recorded, assessed, and reflected on the impact of the strategy on their teaching, on teacher candidates’ learning and on children’s learning.

    This text compiles six case studies from this model to illustrate how teaching challenges were improved. Appropriate for practiced educators as well as educators in training, this text provides a real world look into applying Learning Standards in early childhood classrooms.

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    Heather Bridge

    Lorraine Melita

    Patricia Roiger

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