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    Foundations of Social Work Research

    (4 reviews)

    Rebecca L. Mauldin

    Copyright Year:

    ISBN 13: 9781648169915

    Publisher: Mavs Open Press

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by LaToya Smith-Jones, Adjunct Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/26/24

    The textbook covers various topics that are familiar to the Social Work profession. There are relatable examples given within the book, which allow Social Work students to understand discussions through the lens of an actual practitioner. Each... read more

    Reviewed by Quentin Maynard, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Indiana on 11/30/22

    This text covers topics that social work students need to understand to be consumers of research. The author and contributors include current real work examples to help emphasize the different topics. Integrating the chapter on Real World Research... read more

    Reviewed by Matt Walsh, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Marian University on 12/30/21

    This textbook covers all the aspects of research you would expect for an introduction to social work research. It uses classic examples of past research to highlight the importance of ethics in research. It also does a good job of discussing... read more

    Reviewed by Vivian Miller, Assistant Professor in Social Work, Bowling Green State University on 1/5/21

    The text Foundations of Social Work Research covers social work research comprehensively and appropriately. Across twelve chapters, the author begins by introducing research, the science behind research and how this translates to the profession of... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter One: Introduction to research
    • Chapter Two: Linking methods with theory
    • Chapter Three: Ethics in social work research
    • Chapter Four: Design and causality
    • Chapter Five: Defining and measuring concepts
    • Chapter Six: Sampling
    • Chapter Seven: Survey research
    • Chapter Eight: Experimental design
    • Chapter Nine: Unique features of qualitative research
    • Chapter Ten: Unobtrusive research
    • Chapter Eleven: Real-world research
    • Chapter Twelve: Reporting research

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    About the Book

    This textbook was created to provide an introduction to research methods for BSW and MSW students, with particular emphasis on research and practice relevant to students at the University of Texas at Arlington. It provides an introduction to social work students to help evaluate research for evidence-based practice and design social work research projects. It can be used with its companion, A Guidebook for Social Work Literature Reviews and Research Questions by Rebecca L. Mauldin and Matthew DeCarlo, or as a stand-alone textbook.

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    Rebecca L. Mauldin, Ph.D

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