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    Oregon’s History: People of the Northwest in the Land of Eden

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    Athanasios Michaels, Portland Community College

    Kaitlin Hakanson

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    Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Sara Lewis, Assistant Professor, Tidewater Community College on 12/31/23

    "Oregon's History: People of the Northwest in the Land of Eden" reviews the time periods of the expansion of Oregon starting with Native Americans prospering on the land that was interrupted by the migration of Americans into the area due to the... read more

    Reviewed by George Zamzow, English Instructor, Portland Community College on 1/12/21

    For a short text, it’s impressive how well this book covers Oregon’s history. I am not a historian, but, to my knowledge, I believe this book covers key eras, dynamics, and narratives in a balanced way. In fact, it’s laudable that this book is... read more

    Reviewed by Kiersta Fricke-Gostnell, Department Chair; Full-time Faculty, Rogue Community College, Blue Mountain Community College on 1/6/21

    This is an insightful overview of national social and cultural history seen through a regional lens. It would be appropriate for a survey U.S. history course with an emphasis on local Oregon history. The textbook explores Oregon history within... read more

    Reviewed by Kristi Kowalski, Instructor, Rogue Community College on 1/5/21

    The author does a good job at providing an overview of Oregon history. While many topics are explored in overview mode, some are covered more in-depth, and I found it to be a fascinating read. You get the big story along with selected tidbits of... read more

    Table of Contents

    • 1. Origins: Indigenous Inhabitants and Landscapes
    • 2. Curiosity, Commerce, Conquest, and Competition: Fur Trade Empires and Discovery
    • 3. Oregon Fever and Western Expansion: Manifest Destiny in the Garden of Eden
    • 4. Native Americans in the Land of Eden: An Elegy of Early Statehood
    • 5. Statehood: Constitutional Exclusions and the Civil War
    • 6. Oregon at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
    • 7. The Dawn of the Civil Rights Movement and the World Wars in Oregon
    • 8. Cold War and Counterculture
    • 9. End of the Twentieth Century and Beyond

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    About the Book

    This “open textbook” is a social and cultural history of the people of Oregon representing powerful figures from the dominant Euro-American culture, the marginalized and oppressed, and social and political reformers who shaped the historical legacy of the state. It is a story of the diverse array of immigrants who helped build the state and strengthen it. The title is a recollection of the racial fantasies that European-American settlers created in their expansionist vision of the West and the state of Oregon. Initially the Oregon Territory was built on intolerance and racial exclusivity, but eventually Oregon embraces its diversity, but not without struggle and heartache. Our journey through the past starts with an essential question, “Who are the people of Oregon?”

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