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Introduction to Human Geography - 2nd Edition

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David Dorrell, Georgia Gwinnett College

Joseph P. Henderson, Georgia Gwinnett College

Copyright Year: 2018

Last Update: 2019

Publisher: University of North Georgia Press

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Geography
  • Chapter 2: Population and Health
  • Chapter 3: Migration
  • Chapter 4: Folk Culture and Popular Culture
  • Chapter 5: The Geography of Language
  • Chapter 6: Religion
  • Chapter 7: Ethnicity and Race
  • Chapter 8: Political Geography
  • Chapter 9: Development and Wealth
  • Chapter 10: Agriculture and Food
  • Chapter 11: Industry
  • Chapter 12: Human Settlements
  • Chapter 13: Environment and Resources

About the Book

Geography is a diverse discipline that has some sort of connection to most every other academic discipline. This connection is the spatial perspective, which essentially means if a phenomenon can be mapped, it has some kind of relationship to geography. Studying the entire world is a fascinating subject, and geographical knowledge is fundamental to a competent understanding of our world. In this chapter, you will learn what geography is as well as some of the fundamental concepts that underpin the discipline. These fundamental terms and concepts will be interwoven throughout the text, so a sound understanding of these topics is critical as you delve deeper into the chapters that follow. 

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David Dorrell

Joseph P. Henderson