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Business Computers 365 Version 2.0 - Version 2.0

(7 reviews)

Marcus Lacher, Minnesota State Community & Technical College

Copyright Year: 2023

Publisher: Opendora

Language: English

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Reviewed by Lachele Greathouse, Professor, Garden City Community College on 12/9/22

The textbook covers introductory areas for Microsoft Office 365 in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. It also covers personal computer basic features. There is no Index or Glossary. The Table of Contents is easily navigated. It is nice that there... read more

Reviewed by Judith Shea, Adjunct Instructor, Massachusetts Bay Community College on 11/25/22

Overall, the text is appropriate for classes introducing the basics of computers and introduction the Microsoft Office 365 software. This text does not have an index or glossary. The computer concept sections could be more comprehensive when... read more

Reviewed by Deborah Zebrowski, Adjunct Faculty, Springfield Technical Community College on 11/19/22

The textbook covers many of the Introductory features within the Microsoft Office 365 applications. An Index or Glossary would have been helpful. The concepts are explained clearly. The Practice exercises are short and simple. read more

Reviewed by Gail Guarino, Professor, Cape Cod Community College on 11/14/22

This text covers most topics for an Introduction to Microsoft Office 365. The text could be improved with the addition of an index and more hands-on exercises. read more

Reviewed by Michael J. Vieira, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Bristol Community College on 5/31/21

Although the addition of an index and glossary would improve this text, Basic Computers 365 provides an excellent overview of Windows 10 and Office 365 programs: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. In addition, the “Personal Computer Basics”... read more

Reviewed by Shelley Lundborg, Instructor, Minnesota State Community and Technical College on 5/2/21, updated 6/1/21

The text covers the essentials areas of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. The text also has an excellent introduction chapter which defines basic computer terminology, outlines how to perform tasks like screenshots, and... read more

Reviewed by Randi Barr, Adjunct Professor TrineOnline, Trine University on 3/3/21

PDF format of Business Computers 365 (Marcus Lacher) includes a comprehensive and easy to navigate Table of Contents, Unfortunately, there are no index, glossary, or appendix sections. Professionally written Introduction which includes computer... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Personal Computer Basics 
  • Word Chapter 1 
  • Word Chapter 2
  • Excel Chapter 1 
  • Excel Chapter 2
  • Access Chapter 1 
  • Access Chapter 2
  • PowerPoint Chapter 1 
  • PowerPoint Chapter 2
  • Appendix

Ancillary Material

  • Business Computers 365 Student Data Files
  • About the Book

    Intro to Computer Applications or Business Computers for Office 365

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    Marcus Lacher, Minnesota State Community & Technical College

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