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    A Quick Guide to Quantitative Research in the Social Sciences

    (12 reviews)

    Christine Davies, Carmarthen, Wales

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    Last Update: 2021

    Publisher: University of Wales Trinity Saint David

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Taylor, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi on 4/18/24

    This resource is a quick guide to quantitative research in the social sciences and not a comprehensive resource. It provides a VERY general overview of quantitative research but offers a good starting place for students new to research. It... read more

    Reviewed by Tiffany Kindratt, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/9/24

    The text provides a brief overview of quantitative research topics that is geared towards research in the fields of education, sociology, business, and nursing. The author acknowledges that the textbook is not a comprehensive resource but offers... read more

    Reviewed by Finn Bell, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Dearborn on 1/3/24

    For it being a quick guide and only 26 pages, it is very comprehensive, but it does not include an index or glossary. read more

    Reviewed by Shari Fedorowicz, Adjunct Professor, Bridgewater State University on 12/16/22

    The text is indeed a quick guide for utilizing quantitative research. Appropriate and effective examples and diagrams were used throughout the text. The author clearly differentiates between use of quantitative and qualitative research providing... read more

    Reviewed by Sarah Capello, Assistant Professor, Radford University on 1/18/22

    The text claims to provide "quick and simple advice on quantitative aspects of research in social sciences," which it does. There is no index or glossary, although vocabulary words are bolded and defined throughout the text. read more

    Reviewed by J. Marlie Henry, Adjunct Faculty, University of Saint Francis on 12/9/21

    Considering the length of this guide, this does a good job of addressing major areas that typically need to be addressed. There is a contents section. The guide does seem to be organized accordingly with appropriate alignment and logical flow of... read more

    Reviewed by Heng Yu-Ku, Professor, University of Northern Colorado on 5/13/21

    The text covers all areas and ideas appropriately and provides practical tables, charts, and examples throughout the text. I would suggest the author also provides a complete research proposal at the end of Section 3 (page 10) and a comprehensive... read more

    Reviewed by Hsiao-Chin Kuo, Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University on 4/26/21, updated 4/28/21

    As a quick guide, it covers basic concepts related to quantitative research. It starts with WHY quantitative research with regard to asking research questions and considering research paradigms, then provides an overview of research design and... read more

    Reviewed by Yang Cheng, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University on 1/6/21

    It covers the most important topics such as research progress, resources, measurement, and analysis of the data. read more

    Reviewed by Pierre Lu, Associate Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/20/20

    As a quick guide to quantitative research in social sciences, the text covers most ideas and areas. read more

    Reviewed by Sarah Fischer, Assistant Professor, Marymount University on 7/31/20

    It is meant to be an overview, but it incredibly condensed and spends almost no time on key elements of statistics (such as what makes research generalizable, or what leads to research NOT being generalizable). read more

    Reviewed by Michelle Page, Assistant Professor, Worcester State University on 5/30/20

    This text is exactly intended to be what it says: A quick guide. A basic outline of quantitative research processes, akin to cliff notes. The content provides only the essentials of a research process and contains key terms. A student or new... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Section 1: What will this resource do for you?
    • Section 2: Why are you thinking about numbers? A discussion of the research question and paradigms.
    • Section 3: An overview of the Research Process and Research Designs
    • Section 4: Quantitative Research Methods
    • Section 5: the data obtained from quantitative research
    • Section 6: Analysis of data
    • Section 7: Discussing your Results

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    About the Book

    This resource is intended as an easy-to-use guide for anyone who needs some quick and simple advice on quantitative aspects of research in social sciences, covering subjects such as education, sociology, business, nursing. If you area qualitative researcher who needs to venture into the world of numbers, or a student instructed to undertake a quantitative research project despite a hatred for maths, then this booklet should be a real help.

    The booklet was amended in 2022 to take into account previous review comments. 

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