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    Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology

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    Joost Groot Kormelink, TU Delft

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    ISBN 13: 978-94-6366-202-4

    Publisher: TU Delft Open

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Nathan Willowby, Assistant Professor, Anderson University on 12/20/19

    Given the topic and title of the book, the book addresses the issues of responsible innovation thoroughly. It is based on a MOOC and there is clear structure that drives it towards its target of the specific ethical and business process issues... read more

    Reviewed by Erika Szymanski, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University on 12/19/19

    Lack of comprehensiveness is this text’s biggest weakness. To cite several examples, the text begins with morality, implying that morality is the foundation of RRI whereas many would center RRI’s concerns either around diverse values or around... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • 1. Introduction to responsible innovation
    • 2. Applied ethics for responsible innovation
    • 3. Institutional context of innovations
    • 4. Innovation and business
    • 5. Frugal innovation
    • 6. Implementation of RI by companies: new standard
    • 7. Understanding risk
    • 8. Risk management and safety engineering
    • 9. Value Sensitive Design

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    About the Book

    This textbook is based on the MOOC Responsible Innovation offered by the TU Delft. It provides a framework to reflect on the ethics and risks of new technologies. How can we make sure that innovations do justice to social and ethical values? How can we minimize (unknown)risks?
    The book explains:

    • The concept and importance of responsible innovation for society
    • Key ethical concepts and considerations to analyse the risks of new technologies
    • Different types of innovation (e.g. radical, niche, incremental, frugal)
    • Roadmap for Responsible Innovation by Industry
    • The concept of Value Sensitive Design (VSD)

    It includes a link to all the web lectures as well as case studies ranging from care robots and nuclear energy to Artificial Intelligence and self-driving vehicles.

    About the Contributors


    Joost Groot Kormelink is manager Open and Online Education at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management and responsible for offering MOOCs in the field of Responsible Innovation for various target groups. Joost is also involved in international projects focusing on the risks and societal impact of new technologies and secretary of the Human Research Ethics Committee of the TU Delft.

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