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Tout un Monde: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Intermediate French

(7 reviews)

Alicia Soueid, University of Texas

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Florence Ramond Jurney, Professor, Gettysburg College on 2/13/23

The textbook includes a very small index, a "lexique" French-English and English-French. It has no table of contents. It is presented as intermediate but only covers half of a normal intermediate college program, and the second half since it has... read more

Reviewed by Nicholas Shangler, Associate Professor of French, Marshall University on 10/14/22

This textbook is intended as an intermediate level resource, and for that purpose it seems well suited in terms of the grammar and vocabulary that it covers, and in what it assumes students already know. The vocabulary lists seem particularly... read more

Reviewed by Karen Quandt, Assistant Professor of French, Wabash College on 4/22/21

This is a surprisingly comprehensive language textbook, given its relatively short length; there are only three chapters, but they each include an impressive amount of material. All of the important grammar structures are covered, and there is a... read more

Reviewed by Frédérique Grim, Professor, Colorado State University on 4/6/21

There are definitely a multitude of topics covered in the textbook, over three long chapters. However, there is no table of content, which makes it difficult to know what to expect of the book and its organization. I like the variety of themes,... read more

Reviewed by Peter Eubanks, Associate Professor of French, James Madison University on 2/17/21

The textbook covers the grammar at this level quite well, and covers many different facets of French culture and history. While there is also some emphasis on Quebec, the text could be more comprehensive in including more Francophone topics. The... read more

Reviewed by Cecile Barnhart, Associate Professor of French, Louisiana College on 5/4/20

This book does not comprehensively address the language content and skills typically addressed in an intermediate-level French textbook. It is as though this is "part 1" of a 2-part project, or this book could be used in conjunction with other... read more

Reviewed by Cynthia Laborde, Assistant Professor of French, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/3/20

The textbook contains a very appropriate and exhaustive glossary. The three chapters cover their area appropriately, with many interactive and communicative activities for the students. The grammar is a review is limited to the different verbs... read more

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About the Book

This book is intended for use with intermediate level college French classes. Its multidisciplinary approach introduces students to topics and vocabulary associated with fields such as medicine, advertising, travel, business, agriculture, and relationships.

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