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An Introduction to Nutrition

(13 reviews)

Copyright Year: 2012

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Reviewed by Sheila Cook, Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor, Pittsburg State University on 1/16/23

For the intended audience, the text covers the necessary components of an introductory nutrition course. This text is a contender for an adopted online text for my nutrition and health course. It is easy to read and follow. read more

Reviewed by Beverly Moellering, Assistant Professor/Director Coordinate Program in Dietetics, University of Saint Francis on 5/20/22

The text covers the appropriate topics for an introduction course in nutrition. read more

Reviewed by Shyanne Sansom, Instructor, Eastern New Mexico University on 1/13/22

The textbook covers all the important topics that a human nutrition text should cover. read more

Reviewed by Amanda Margolin, Adjunct faculty, Portland Community College on 5/26/21

I found that the text covered the subject matter in an appropriate way. I appreciated how there were videos included when more challenging concepts were being discussed such as digestion and absorption. I also found the images used to be effective... read more

Reviewed by Chimene Castor, Associate Professor, Howard University on 4/29/21

It comprehensive for an introductory book in nutrition. The clinical nutrition information should be more comprehensive, but the instructor can additional reading materials read more

Reviewed by Anne Goodwin, Professor, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts on 6/30/20

This book provides a good overview of nutrition for the non-major; topics such as nutrition for athletes and global food security are largely omitted, and information about the current dietary guidelines for Americans will need to be provided as... read more

Reviewed by Sharron Guillett, Full Professor, Shenandoah University on 6/18/20

The book is comprehensive and covers all aspects of nutrition across the life span as well as issues related to policy and sustainability. The chapters related to chronic diseases and eating habits around the world are particularly well done. read more

Reviewed by Nicole Stob, Instructor, University of Colorado Boulder on 6/11/20

All areas of the subject were covered appropriately. Terms were defined throughout the text, but a comprehensive glossary or index was not found. read more

Reviewed by Mahdi Garelnabi, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell on 6/7/20

The authors comprehensively covered the topics from all aspects. read more

Reviewed by Clare McEnroe, Adjunct Professor, Raritan Valley Community College on 3/25/20

The textbook does cover the surface of many topics important for students to know and understand and can use. read more

Reviewed by Caleb Bazyler, Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University on 3/4/20

The textbook does an excellent job fulfilling its purpose of communicating nutrition content to a novice audience with a non-science background. The table of contents appropriately links content provided in each chapter including subtitles and end... read more

Reviewed by Meagan Helmick, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Radford University on 1/6/20

This text does a good job at providing students with information about macro- and micro-nutrients and how they work in your body. It also covers nutrition at different life stages. The target audience is well thought about in this book, and is... read more

Reviewed by Tina Moody, Biology Faculty, Northland Community and Technical College on 7/1/19

For the target audience, the book is right on track. It doesn't assume one has a chemistry or biology background - perfect for my nutrition course. read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Nutrition and You
  • Chapter 2: Achieving a Healthy Diet
  • Chapter 3: Nutrition and the Human Body
  • Chapter 4: Carbohydrates
  • Chapter 5: Lipids
  • Chapter 6: Proteins
  • Chapter 7: Nutrients Important to Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  • Chapter 8: Nutrients Important As Antioxidants
  • Chapter 9: Nutrients Important for Bone Health
  • Chapter 10: Nutrients Important for Metabolism and Blood Function
  • Chapter 11: Energy Balance and Body Weight
  • Chapter 12: Nutrition through the Life Cycle: From Pregnancy to the Toddler Years
  • Chapter 13: Nutrition through the Life Cycle: From Childhood to the Elderly Years
  • Chapter 14: Nutrition and Society: Food Politics and Perspectives
  • Chapter 15: Achieving Optimal Health: Wellness and Nutrition
  • Chapter 16: Appendix A

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About the Book

Welcome to Essentials of Nutrition: A Functional Approach! This book is written for students who are not majoring in nutrition, but want to learn about the fundamental aspects of nutrition and how it applies to their own lives. We have written this book with the assumption that you have little or no prior knowledge of college level chemistry, biology, or physiology. But that does not mean it’s not scientific! Nutrition is a science-based discipline, so all the material included is backed up by rigorous scientific research, but it is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion without requiring a background in science.

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