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Environmental Biology

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Matthew R. Fisher

Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Tobias Gerken, Assistant Professor of Integrated Science, James Madison University on 7/16/21

The text is composed as an introductory environmental science text. Consistent with the title of the book, the focus of the book is clearly set on biological processes with some additional consideration given to water issues, air pollution, and... read more

Reviewed by Margarita Poromanska, Environmental Science and Biology Instructor, College of DuPage on 4/16/21

The textbook covers the most important environmental topics. No index or glossary is provided read more

Reviewed by pamela scheffler, professor, Hawaii Community College on 3/23/21

I am reviewing this book for a 100-level general education introduction to environmental science course. While the book lacks some of the detail of big publishing house textbooks it is still very thorough. It has a good range of topics/chapters... read more

Reviewed by Brad Carlson, Associate Professor, Wabash College on 2/24/21

I examined this book with two possible courses in mind: a non-majors environmental science course, and a 200 level ecology course for majors. For non-majors, it was nearly comprehensive (about a 4). It covered the primary environmental issues and... read more

Reviewed by Paula Mejia-Velasquez, Adjunct Professor, Leeward Community College on 7/23/20

This book is a good resource for an introductory level class on Environmental Science, covering most of the topics usually addressed in a class at this level. Some topics are explained in more detail than others, but all the topics presented in... read more

Reviewed by Judith Otto, Associate Professor, Framingham State University on 6/29/20

The text covers most areas and ideas of the subject appropriately, although in less detail than commercial textbooks. I reviewed this for a course on Environmental Science, where I would want more content on topics like energy resources and... read more

Reviewed by Natasha Gownaris, Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College on 4/23/20

I was impressed by the comprehensiveness of this textbook – which covers topics ranging from the structure of prokaryotic cells to environmental justice and Superfund sites. There were a few places that I found the textbook to be lacking (possibly... read more

Reviewed by Beth Reinke, Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University on 4/20/20

Overall, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to environmental science appropriate for an undergraduate class. Some sections were incredibly comprehensive, including those on biodiversity, photosynthesis and its importance, estimating... read more

Reviewed by Michael Renfroe, Professor, James Madison University on 1/8/20

This text covers a very broad topic and is, for the most part, comprehensive in its treatment of the topics. There are a few areas where some increased explanation would be helpful for clarity. For example, in the discussion of eutrophication... read more

Reviewed by Karen Bledsoe, Instructor, Chemeketa Community College on 5/23/19

The book covers most topics found in other environmental science books, with enough background material (ecology topics covered in general biology courses) for understanding of basic ecological principles. Some topics I did not notice: soil... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Environmental Science
  • Chapter 2: Matter, Energy, & Life
  • Chapter 3: Ecosystems and the Biosphere
  • Chapter 4: Community & Population Ecology
  • Chapter 5: Conservation & Biodiversity
  • Chapter 6: Environmental Hazards & Human Health
  • Chapter 7: Water Availability and Use
  • Chapter 8: Food & Hunger
  • Chapter 9: Conventional & Sustainable Agriculture
  • Chapter 10: Air Pollution, Climate Change, & Ozone Depletion
  • Chapter 11: Conventional & Sustainable Energy

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  • About the Book

    This open textbook covers the most salient environmental issues, from a biological perspective. The text is designed for an introductory-level college science course. Topics include the fundamentals of ecology, biodiversity, pollution, climate change, food production, and human population growth.

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