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    Management Communication

    (7 reviews)

    Lisa Thomas, Brigham Young University

    Julie Haupt, Brigham Young University

    Andy Spackman, Brigham Young University

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    Publisher: The Marriott School at Brigham Young University

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Barbara Tarter, Full Professor, Marshall University on 4/11/23

    The textbook is extremely comprehensive and provides an interactive teaching tool that combines both text with links to online stories, research, and videos. read more

    Reviewed by Vapordeal Sanders, Assistant Professor, Clarke University on 12/15/22

    The text covers many skill areas of communication that allow us to manage communication in our professional life including writing, planning, organizing, building, researching, formatting, revising, managing, persuading, showing, presenting,... read more

    Reviewed by Terese Stratta, Associate Professor, Clarke University on 1/10/21

    This open textbook addresses a variety of relevant topics in management and business communication. The information is very useful and applicable to real world experiences. The authors engage and challenge students who communicate at varying skill... read more

    Reviewed by Carol Hutchinson, Assistant Professor, George Fox University on 1/27/20

    This text covers a broad spectrum of types of communication from written to verbal within the context of management. Each chapter clearly targets a particular aspect of communication and provides practical explanations and examples. This is a very... read more

    Reviewed by Jodie Bowers, Assistant Professor, Ancilla College on 12/17/19

    I believe this text does a fine job of addressing many areas of business and management communication. The author covers the basics that I would expect to find in a business and professional communication class. I particularly like that the text... read more

    Reviewed by Scott Gunderson, Business & Management Faculty, Minnesota State on 6/27/19

    On its surface the book looks short on content. However, the text integrates videos, articles and other information that enhances the existing outline format. read more

    Reviewed by Dr. Eva Johnson, Director, LSUS on 4/5/19, updated 5/6/19

    The textbook is very comprehensive covering each communication tool in a manner that is easy for students or anyone to read with helpful examples. Each subject matter is indexed and highlighted. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1 - Why?: Be a Skilled Communicator
    • Chapter 2 - Write: Look Good in Print
    • Chapter 3 - Plan: Think Before You Write
    • Chapter 4 - Organize: Structure Matters
    • Chapter 5 - Build: Create Clarity & Coherence
    • Chapter 6 - Research: Find the Answers
    • Chapter 7 - Format: Make Your Message Inviting
    • Chapter 8 - Revise: Zoom Out - Zoom In
    • Chapter 9 - Manage: Getting Things Done...With People
    • Chapter 10 - Persuade: Be Convincing
    • Chapter 11 - Show: Show What You Mean
    • Chapter 12 - Present: Stand & Deliver
    • Chapter 13 - Brand: Manage Your Personal Brand
    • Chapter 14 - Work: Get the Job

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    About the Book

    Communication is the heart of business. Short emails, complex reports, private chats, impassioned pitches, formal presentations, and team meetings move information and ideas around an organization, define strategy, and drive decisions. Business communication is concise, direct, clear, and compelling.

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    Lead author and project manager: Lisa Thomas

    Authors: Julie Haupt

    Authors: Andy Spackman

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