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Read more about Lies, Damned Lies, or Statistics: How to Tell the Truth with Statistics

Lies, Damned Lies, or Statistics: How to Tell the Truth with Statistics

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Jonathan A. Poritz

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Colorado State University Pueblo

Language: English

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Reviewed by Matthew Watts, Adjunct Instructor, Tidewater Community College on 12/16/23

Overall, the book is rather concise, almost to a fault. Most readers will want more examples and exercises. The textbook will probably work better as a supplement or set of notes than a traditional textbook. However, this terse nature may work to... read more

Reviewed by Stella Fateh, Professor, Bunker Hill Community College on 6/7/20

This is a text book written in 2017 meant to cover the basic concepts of statistics for a one semester undergraduate course. The contents include: descriptive statistics (population, variables, samples, graphs), numerical descriptions (measures of... read more

Reviewed by Rawan Angele Khabbaz, Professor, Bunker Hill Community College on 5/28/20

As one would expect, the book provides a comprehensive coverage of statistics, ranging from measurement to probability theory to basic inferences to analysis . The topics are covered in a reasonable and fair manner. In addition, the author... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. One-Variable Statistics: Basics
  • Chapter 2. Bi-variate Statistics: Basics
  • Chapter 3. Linear Regression
  • Chapter 4. Probability Theory
  • Chapter 5. Bringing Home the Data
  • Chapter 6. Basic Inferences

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About the Book

This is a first draft of a free (as in speech, not as in beer, [Sta02]) (although it is free as in beer as well) textbook for a one-semester, undergraduate statistics course. It was used for Math 156 at Colorado State University–Pueblo in the spring semester of 2017.

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Jonathan A. Poritz

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