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An Introduction to Technical Theatre

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Tal Sanders, Pacific University

Copyright Year: 2018

ISBN 13: 9781945398872

Publisher: Pacific University Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Adam Whittredge, Scenic Designer, Wabash College on 12/20/21

A good text for a basic level survey course in technical theatre. Briefly touches on all aspects of technical theatre, including roles, design, constructions, production process, etc. Good glossary in the back for all the bolded words throughout... read more

Reviewed by Taurie Kinoshita, Theatre Lecturer, Windward Community College on 5/12/21

This book is appropriate for beginners and gives a broad, yet accurate, introduction to most elements of technical theatre. The section on production etiquette is especially crucial and valuable for beginners. Highlighting safety is also... read more

Reviewed by Caleb Stroman, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Susquehanna University on 3/19/20

This book provides a very brief overview of technical theatre. The glossary is quite good, though the text could have benefited from internal links as the words are not defined within the text, just within the glossary. While a good survey, this... read more

Reviewed by Ken Parks, Associate Professor, Randolph College on 12/20/19

The book covers a broad survey of topics, stepping beyond the scope of its title. As a result the subject is not covered as thoroughly as it should be for a college-level text. It reads as a survey rather than a practical manual. The student is... read more

Reviewed by Marty Aikens, Extraordinary Faculty / Technical Director, Loyola on 4/30/19

The spectrum of subject material covered here, across technical theatre and stagecraft, is wide and varied. However, the depth is rather shallow. With the understanding that this is an "entry-level", the book falls shy of presenting enough... read more

Reviewed by Victoria Mathis-Sanders, Theater Manager/Acting Co-Chair, Performing Arts Department, Thomas Nelson Community College on 3/29/19

This book does a lovely job covering the basics of the main areas of theatrical expertise. I particularly liked the constant reminders of safety issues throughout the different areas, this seems to be an area too often overlooked. read more

Reviewed by Ethan Krupp, Associate Professor/Technical Director/Designer, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania on 3/13/19

This book has a great depth to the sections and areas covered. Just about everything I could think of worthy of having it's own section did. The only possible area that might warrant a bit more depth is video/projection design and usage in the... read more

Reviewed by Dan Stone, Theatre Faculty, Linn-Benton Community College on 3/11/19

For an online book, I found this text to be appropriate for beginning level students who are just starting out in the world of technical theatre. I especially enjoyed the section discussing theatre as a collaborative art. The text covers basic... read more

Reviewed by Kathleen Conery, Costume Shop Manager/Adjunct Faculty, James Madison University on 3/11/19

Topics in all technical areas were touched on. There isn't a technical area I can think of that didn't get its own module. There were as well modules on several of the different areas needs for equipment. There was even discussion of proper... read more

Reviewed by tinamarie ivey, Faculty, Linn-Benton Community College on 2/27/19

The text is a strong example of how an online text can offer a comprehensive and effective resource that provides the essential elements necessary to educate students learning about technical theatre. The topics covered in each Module clearly... read more

Table of Contents

  • Module 1: Theatre, A Collaborative Art
  • Module 2: Organizational Structures
  • Module 3: Production Scheduling
  • Module 4: Theatre Spaces
  • Module 5: Our Stages and Their Equipment
  • Module 6: Design and Collaboration
  • Module 7: Scenery and Construction
  • Module 8: Props and Effects
  • Module 9: Stage Management
  • Module 10: Costumes and Character Creation
  • Module 11: Lighting Design
  • Module 12: Lighting Equipment and Control Systems
  • Module 13: Sound Design and Equipment
  • Module 14: Scene Painting and Color Theory
  • Module 15: Stage Crews and Production Etiquette

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  • About the Book

    An Introduction to Technical Theatre draws on the author’s experience in both the theatre and the classroom over the last 30 years. Intended as a resource for both secondary and post-secondary theatre courses, this text provides a comprehensive overview of technical theatre, including terminology and general practices.

    Introduction to Technical Theatre’s accessible format is ideal for students at all levels, including those studying technical theatre as an elective part of their education. The text’s modular format is also intended to assist teachers approach the subject at their own pace and structure, a necessity for those who may regularly rearrange their syllabi around productions and space scheduling.

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