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    Principles of Financial Accounting

    (4 reviews)

    Christine Jonick

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    Publisher: University of North Georgia Press

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Jamie McCracken, Associate Professor, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College on 12/5/22

    This textbook covers a very comprehensive view of financial accounting in just 7 chapters. That is great for schools that have 8 week online courses. Each chapter is broken into sections of content that help the material be a smoother and easier... read more

    Reviewed by Wael Aguir, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 2/14/22

    This textbook covers all the topics that are typically taught in a principles of financial accounting course. The instructor or student who will use it will find great material including very well explained examples. Nonetheless, I think the book... read more

    Reviewed by Deacon Hanson, Assistant Professor - Accounting & Business, Windward Community College on 4/21/21

    The textbook appears to be comprehensive in its coverage of the material in an introduction to financial accounting course. I notice that the book is direct to the point, without any unnecessary fill in the text. One of the pros of this approach... read more

    Reviewed by Ramon Alvarado, Adjunct Finance Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 2/18/20

    The book does cover many of the beginning topics expected in an introductory financial accounting course, but this book was more tilted toward accounting. The book could have benefited by including a section on the International Accounting... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Accounting Cycle for the Service Business-Cash Basis
    • Chapter 2: Accounting Cycle for the Service Business-Accrual Basis
    • Chapter 3: Accounting Cycle for a Merchandising Business
    • Chapter 4: Assets in More Detail
    • Chapter 5: Liabilities in More Detail
    • Chapter 6: Stockholders' Equity in More Detail
    • Chapter 7: Capstone Experiences

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    • Ancillary materials are available by contacting the author or publisher.
    • About the Book

      The University of North Georgia Press and Affordable Learning Georgia bring you Accounting I. Well-written and straightforward, Principles of Financial Accounting is a needed contribution to open source pedagogy in the business education world. Written in order to directly meet the needs of her students, this textbook developed from Dr. Christine Jonick’s years of teaching and commitment to effective pedagogy.


      • Peer reviewed by academic professionals and tested by students
      • Over 100 charts and graphs
      • Instructional exercises appearing both in-text and for Excel
      • Resources for student professional development

      This textbook is an Open Education Resource. It can be reused, remixed, and reedited freely without seeking permission.

      About the Contributors


      Christine Jonick, Ed.D., is a professor of Accounting in the Mike Cottrell College of Business at the University of North Georgia. She has been with UNG for more than 25 years and received the Excellence in Online Teaching Award from UNG in 2016. Dr. Jonick serves as the chairperson of the American Accounting Association SE Member Engagement Committee and president and board of directors member of the Georgia Association of Accounting Educators.

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