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Music Fundamentals 2: Rhythm and Meter

(6 reviews)

Terry B. Ewell

Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Copyright Year: 2013

Publisher: OpenStax CNX

Language: English

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Reviewed by Deanna Little, Professor of Music, Middle Tennessee State University on 5/7/21

This text is concise and comprehensive in the areas of rhythm and meter. It seems the book would be excellent for someone needing extra clarification in these areas. It would serve as a supplement to a wholistic music theory text or for a... read more

Reviewed by Sarah Braverman, Doctoral Student/Teaching Assistant, James Madison University on 3/7/21

It’s a concise textbook in that it’s only 63 pages, but it is not thorough. It will mention topics but not thoroughly explain that a new student could understand. I can’t entirely tell what this is intended for, because you would not normally... read more

Reviewed by Allen Amy, Assistant Professor, California State University, Dominguez Hills on 7/8/20

The text is comprehensive and especially concise. I appreciate that the text focuses on rhythm and meter because some subjects, such as dance, require music education, but don't need as much/any information on pitch, scales, keys, etc. read more

Reviewed by Karen Berry, Instruction Librarian, Radford University on 1/13/20

While this book serves as a great introductory source for basic concepts in rhythm and meter, it also brings in more diverse perspectives than some other, more watered-down introductory texts tend to do. Whenever possible, the authors discuss how... read more

Reviewed by Keith Cozart Steele, Director of Percussion, Earlham College on 5/22/19

This text is a good beginners introduction to terms, concepts and fundamentals of musical rhythm and meter with bonus links to such topics as conducting patterns. The overall layout works well with an understanding that the sections can be used... read more

Reviewed by Judith Ofcarcik, Assistant Professor, Fort Hays State University on 11/29/18

While the book has fairly comprehensive coverage of rhythm and meter, this is never the only topic covered in a class. You will need at least another book to teach any music class. And since most textbooks cover rhythm and meter in addition to... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1. Duration: Note Lengths in Written Music
  • 2. Duration: Rest Length
  • 3. Dots, Ties, and Borrowed Divisions
  • 4. Rhythm
  • 5. Time Signature
  • 6. Introduction to Subdivisions in Simple Meters
  • 7. Simple and Compound Time Signatures
  • 8. Meter in Music
  • 9. Introduction to Subdivisions in Compound Meters
  • 10. Pickup Notes and Measures
  • 11. Tempo

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About the Book

This collection is the second of five dealing with the rudiments of music.

About the Contributors


Terry B. Ewell, professor, Department of Music, Towson University Former President, International Double Reed SocietyB. M. University of Washington; Bassoon Performance, magna cum laudaM. A. University of Washington, Music TheoryPh.D. University of Washington, Music TheoryTerry Ewell is Professor of online instruction and bassoon at Towson University Department of Music. In his 30+ years as a professional musician he has received recognition as a performer, teacher, scholar, and administrator.

Catherine Schmidt-Jones graduated from Rice University in 1985, completing a BA in chemistry, a BA in music and a Master of Music in French horn performance.

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