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The Meaning of Love - Second Edition

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Richard Garlikov, Troy University

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Alabama Open Publishing House at Troy University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Mary King, Associate Professor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania on 3/5/20

The Meaning of Love: Second Edition is a text that covers various aspects pertaining to love. There are 37 Chapters that covers topics including emotions and feelings, interdependence, infatuation, sex, rejection, and jealousy. Each chapter... read more

Table of Contents

Dedication and AcknowledgementsDisclaimerA Note Concerning GrammarIntroduction

  • Chapter 1 Personal Versus Professional Relationships
  • Chapter 2 Love, Some Popular Views
  • Chapter 3 The Three Important Aspects of Relationships
  • Chapter 4 The Emotional Aspect— Feelings
  • Chapter 5 The Satisfaction Aspect
  • Chapter 6 The Goodness and Badness (Ethical) Aspect
  • Chapter 7 Independence of the Three Aspects of Relationships
  • Chapter 8 The Meaning of Love
  • Chapter 9 Infatuation, Friendship, and Love
  • Chapter 10 Love at First Sight
  • Chapter 11 Importance of Various (Kinds of) Satisfactions
  • Chapter 12 Sex and Love
  • Chapter 13 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss — The Impossibility of Sexual Communication
  • Chapter 14 Being Loved For Yourself
  • Chapter 15 Loving More Than One Person At the Same Time
  • Chapter 16 Commitment and Loving More Than One Person
  • Chapter 17 Rejection and Acceptance
  • Chapter 18 Care and Concern
  • Chapter 19 Love and Marriage
  • Chapter 20 The Future of a Relationship
  • Chapter 21 Love and Change and Rational Prediction
  • Chapter 22 Jealousy
  • Chapter 23 Independence and Sharing
  • Chapter 24 “Meaningful” Relationships
  • Chapter 25 Introduction to Ethics
  • Chapter 26 Ethics — Seeking to Discover What the Highest Principles of Behavior and the Things of Greatest Value Are
  • Chapter 27 Modification of the Analysis of Love
  • Chapter 28 Good “For” and Good “To”
  • Chapter 29 Ethical Principles and Spontaneity
  • Chapter 30 Ethics and Sex
  • Chapter 31 Sex and Intimacy
  • Chapter 32 Relationships After Sex
  • Chapter 33 Problems of the Inexperienced
  • Chapter 34 On Being Used
  • Chapter 35 The Causes of Feelings
  • Chapter 36 Some Other Writers on Love
  • Chapter 37 Some Personal Comments and Notions of a More Intuitive Nature


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  • About the Book

    This book explores the philosophical views on the meaning of love. The text explores a variety of topics used to define love, including attraction, relationship satisfaction, emotional, and ethical considerations. The author takes a rational, logical, analytic, and scrutinizing look at experiences and other forms of literature on the subject of love.

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    Richard Garlikov is a Professor in the Humanities department at Troy University, Montgomery, AL.

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