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The Meaning of Love: Second Edition

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Richard Garlikov, Troy University

Pub Date: 2017

Publisher: Alabama Open Publishing House at Troy University

Language: English

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Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgements
A Note Concerning Grammar

  • Chapter 1 Personal Versus Professional Relationships
  • Chapter 2 Love, Some Popular Views
  • Chapter 3 The Three Important Aspects of Relationships
  • Chapter 4 The Emotional Aspect— Feelings
  • Chapter 5 The Satisfaction Aspect
  • Chapter 6 The Goodness and Badness (Ethical) Aspect
  • Chapter 7 Independence of the Three Aspects of Relationships
  • Chapter 8 The Meaning of Love
  • Chapter 9 Infatuation, Friendship, and Love
  • Chapter 10 Love at First Sight
  • Chapter 11 Importance of Various (Kinds of) Satisfactions
  • Chapter 12 Sex and Love
  • Chapter 13 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss — The Impossibility of Sexual Communication
  • Chapter 14 Being Loved For Yourself
  • Chapter 15 Loving More Than One Person At the Same Time
  • Chapter 16 Commitment and Loving More Than One Person
  • Chapter 17 Rejection and Acceptance
  • Chapter 18 Care and Concern
  • Chapter 19 Love and Marriage
  • Chapter 20 The Future of a Relationship
  • Chapter 21 Love and Change and Rational Prediction
  • Chapter 22 Jealousy
  • Chapter 23 Independence and Sharing
  • Chapter 24 “Meaningful” Relationships
  • Chapter 25 Introduction to Ethics
  • Chapter 26 Ethics — Seeking to Discover What the Highest Principles of Behavior and the Things of Greatest Value Are
  • Chapter 27 Modification of the Analysis of Love
  • Chapter 28 Good “For” and Good “To”
  • Chapter 29 Ethical Principles and Spontaneity
  • Chapter 30 Ethics and Sex
  • Chapter 31 Sex and Intimacy
  • Chapter 32 Relationships After Sex
  • Chapter 33 Problems of the Inexperienced
  • Chapter 34 On Being Used
  • Chapter 35 The Causes of Feelings
  • Chapter 36 Some Other Writers on Love
  • Chapter 37 Some Personal Comments and Notions of a More Intuitive Nature


About the Book

This book explores the philosophical views on the meaning of love. The text explores a variety of topics used to define love, including attraction, relationship satisfaction, emotional, and ethical considerations. The author takes a rational, logical, analytic, and scrutinizing look at experiences and other forms of literature on the subject of love.

About the Contributors


Richard Garlikov is a Professor in the Humanities department at Troy University, Montgomery, AL.