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Relational Databases and Microsoft Access

(4 reviews)

Ron McFadyen, University of Winnipeg

Pub Date: 2016

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Reviewed by Leigh Mutchler, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 3/6/19

The book is a good introductory database text that covers database design and includes some Access basics. A good table of contents is included but no glossary. There are a few references to external sources, primarily classic works in the... read more


Reviewed by Marcus Lacher, Instructor, Minnesota State Community and Technical College on 6/19/18

The text does a solid job of providing a comprehensive explanation of basic relational database theory and Microsoft Access functionality, specifically regarding table structure. The breadth of detail on forms and queries is not as extensive as... read more


Reviewed by Gregory Turcotte, Instructor, Portland Community College on 6/20/17

I was very pleased to find an Access book that covers Entity Relationship Modeling and Normalization. Having an Access book that includes database theory, such as the Boyce-Codd Normal Form, is very useful to me. In this area, the book is very... read more


Reviewed by Owen Morgan, Faculty Instructor, Lane Community College on 6/20/17

Relational Databases and Microsoft Access provides a fairly comprehensive introduction to both relational database principles and using Microsoft Access to build and use these databases. When reviewing this textbook I was delighted to see that... read more


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • 1 Relational Databases and MS Access
  • 2. Creating Tables
  • 3. Creating Forms
  • 4 Microsoft Access Queries
  • 5 Relationships and the Relationships Tool
  • 6 Microsoft Access Queries – Advanced
  • 7 Entity Relationship Modelling
  • 8 Mapping an ERD to a Relational Database
  • 9 Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • 10 Normalization

Appendix A: Forms Involving Multiple Tables
Appendix B: SuperTypes and Subtypes

About the Book

This text is a free introductory text that introduces MS Access and relational database design. The motivation is to support a second-year course on database systems which, to the student, is either a service course providing an introduction to database concepts, or, as a prerequisite for more advanced study in the field.

About the Contributors


Ron McFadyen is a Professor in the Computer Science department at University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.