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    Introduction to Psychology - 1st Canadian Edition

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    Jennifer Walinga, Royal Roads University

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    Publisher: BCcampus

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Julie Capozzi, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Northern Essex Community College on 11/1/22

    Very concise chapters on the major topics in psychology with chapter sub-sections. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1. Introducing Psychology
    • Chapter 2. Introduction to Major Perspectives
    • Chapter 3. Psychological Science
    • Chapter 4. Brains, Bodies, and Behaviour
    • Chapter 5. Sensing and Perceiving
    • Chapter 6. States of Consciousness
    • Chapter 7. Growing and Developing
    • Chapter 8. Learning
    • Chapter 9. Remembering and Judging
    • Chapter 10. Intelligence and Language
    • Chapter 11. Emotions and Motivations
    • Chapter 12. Personality
    • Chapter 13. Defining Psychological Disorders
    • Chapter 14. Treating Psychological Disorders
    • Chapter 15. Psychology in Our Social Lives
    • Chapter 16. Stress, Health, and Coping

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    About the Book

    This book is designed to help students organize their thinking about psychology at a conceptual level. The focus on behaviour and empiricism has produced a text that is better organized, has fewer chapters, and is somewhat shorter than many of the leading books. The beginning of each section includes learning objectives; throughout the body of each section are key terms in bold followed by their definitions in italics; key takeaways, and exercises and critical thinking activities end each section.

    About the Contributors


    Adapting Author Jennifer Walinga, PhD, is the Director of the the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. After teaching English for 20 years, she combined her passion for communication and athletics in pursuing an MA in Leadership where her research focused on the impact of experiential training programs.

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