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    Português para principiantes

    (4 reviews)

    Severino J. Albuquerque, University of Wisconsin

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    Publisher: A.T. Still University

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Patricio Rizzo-Vast, Instructor, Northeastern Illinois University on 4/10/20

    I enjoyed the work presented in this textbook. It is very comprehensive and clear but a bit old fashioned as other commentators or evaluators have pointed out. However, I believe it comprehends almost all that is necessary to teach a beginner's... read more

    Reviewed by Gorkry Cruz, Director, Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition and Research (CLEAR), World Languages Department, American University, Washington DC on 2/1/18

    This textbook is designed to present a thorough introduction to the grammatical structures of Brazilian Portuguese through a scope and sequence directed mainly to English speaking learners of Portuguese as a second language at the introductory... read more

    Reviewed by Aura Thuresson, Foreign Language/Part-Time Faculty, Rogue Community College on 8/15/17

    This book is a re-work of a 1964 publication, with emphasis given to Brazilian Portuguese. The four preliminary lessons introduce the different sounds of vowels and consonants, stress and pronunciation of words, the formation of plural nouns and... read more

    Reviewed by Sílvia Oliveira, Associate Professor, Rhode Island College on 4/11/17

    Português para principiantes is a re-working of a 1964 edition by the University of Wisconsin Extension Division ("Preface") and overall shows its datedness. The authors intend this book to be used “in conjunction with a variety of approaches to... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgements
    • Preface
    • First Preliminary Lesson
    • Second Preliminary Lesson
    • Third Preliminary Lesson
    • Fourth Preliminary Lesson

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    About the Book

    Português para principiantes is a time-tested text which can be used in conjunction with a variety of approaches to the teaching of beginning Portuguese. This media-rich text is designed to provide learners with a solid grammatical basis for using Brazilian Portuguese as well as regular opportunities to practice and improve their ability to read, speak, and understand the Portuguese language as it is used in contemporary Brazil.

    About the Contributors


    Severino J. Albuquerque is a Professor of Portuguese at UW-Madison, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Portuguese language and Brazilian literature and culture. His main area of research is contemporary Brazilian theatre and gender. He is the author of Violent Acts: A Study of Contemporary Latin American Theatre (1991); Tentative Transgressions: Homosexuality, AIDS and the Theater in Brazil (2004); editor of Joaquim Nabuco e Wisconsin: Conferências nos Estados Unidos (2010); and co-editor of Performing Brazil: Essays on Identity, Culture, and the Performing Arts (2015). He has also published numerous articles in journals and critical anthologies. He is co-editor of the Luso-Brazilian Review (Brazilian literature and culture); Brazilian theater and drama editor for the Handbook of Latin American Studies of the Library of Congress; and an editorial board member of the Latin American Theatre Review. Albuquerque's book, Tentative Transgressions, was the recipient of the 2005 Roberto Reis Award of the Brazilian Studies Association (for best book on Brazil published in English between 2003 and 2005) and the 2008 Elizabeth Steinberg Award for best book published by the University of Wisconsin Press between 2003 and 2008.

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