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How to Learn Like a Pro!

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Phyllis Nissila, Lane Community College

Pub Date: 2016

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jane Larson, College Success Coach, Portland Community College on 6/20/18

From the table of contents to the last word, this covers everything I cover in my college success courses and more. From Learning Styles analysis to Test Taking techniques, this covers needed information for new college students and those... read more


Reviewed by Sarah Huisman, Associate Professor, Fontbonne University, St. Louis on 6/20/18

There are many theories that are touched upon but not elaborated or properly referenced. I understand that for a Freshman class that perhaps this is not important to fully explain each theory, however in several places the book falls short. In... read more


Reviewed by Barbara Allison, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University on 3/28/18

The book was organized extremely well with each chapter builidng on the next. read more


Reviewed by Jacki Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University on 3/28/18

The book addresses a range of topics which might be particularly relevant to undergraduate students. More specifically, it addresses learning styles, time management/organization, reading skills, listening/note-taking skills, memory, and... read more


Reviewed by David Stott, Assistant Professor, City University of New York - LaGuardia on 2/2/18

How to Learn like A Pro! was written for students enrolled in Lane Community College’s EL115 course. It's an introductory text appropriate for high school students or new-to-college students who are encountering academically rigorous training and... read more


Reviewed by Susan Fletcher, Assistant Director, Academic Skills Instruction, Ohio University on 2/2/18

For all that must be accomplished in the first year success type of course, this book fits the requirements I have of relatively short, adaptable to variety of formats - online courses, full or half semester and provides coverage of all the major... read more


Reviewed by Angie Cole, Assistant Professor of Education/ECE, Central Oregon Community College on 8/16/17

This book gives an introduction to many topics related to study skills and effective learning strategies. There is a balance between text, outside links and activities to engage students in each topic. Although this source does not cover each... read more


Reviewed by Dawn Knight, Instructor, Virginia Tech on 6/21/17

While it would be impossible to cover ALL the learning theories available, the book does a decent job of summarizing some of those most commonly referenced by the average person. The author covers different perspectives of learning, addresses... read more


Reviewed by Terrie Sandlin, Adjunct Faculty, Rogue Community College on 4/12/17

The book is aptly named and is designed to help readers learn effectively, or like a pro. It is a useful resource for first-time college students, specifically those at a community college or in developmental education courses. Critical skills... read more


Reviewed by Bettina Bostock, Academic Success Instructor and Advisor, Rogue Community College on 4/12/17

How to Learn Like a Pro! covers all the topics needed for a first-time college student to be successful. The way each chapter is organized makes it easy to navigate the book and the topics. The book really highlights all the necessary information... read more


Reviewed by Jonathan Tullis, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona on 2/9/17

The book covers topics superficially, without any depth or reference to theory. The book selectively chooses just a few random strategies to include. A lot of the content is incorporated just through links to external websites. I would be... read more


Reviewed by Taran Cardone, Director of Strengths-Based Learning, Virginia Tech on 2/9/17

The book is an effective primer for its intended audience without becoming too overwhelming. It assists learners hoping to develop critical skills for student success (e.g., learning styles, time management, note taking, test taking, reading... read more


Table of Contents

Unit 1 Overview--Learning Styles and Preferences; Unit Terms
Lesson 1.1: The Three Learning Styles
Lesson 1.2: Visual Learning
Lesson 1.3: Auditory Learning
Lesson 1.4: Kinesthetic Learning
Lesson 1.5: The Brain Dominance Theory
Lesson 1.6: Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory
To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 1

Unit 2 Overview--Management of Time, Tools, and Study Environment; Unit Terms
Lesson 2.1: World View and Self Efficacy
Lesson 2.2: Procrastination
Lesson 2.3: Schedules and Scheduling
Lesson 2.4: Graphic Organizers and Study Cards
Lesson 2.5: Study Areas and Study Groups
To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 2

Unit 3 Overview--College Level Critical Thinking and Reading; Unit Terms
Lesson 3.1: Comprehending College Level Reading by Using the Reading Apprenticeship Approach
Lesson 3.2: Getting the Most Out of Your Textbooks
Lesson 3.3: Patterns and Context Clues
Lesson 3.4: Close Reading for LiteratureTo the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 5
Lesson 3.5: Math and Science--Tips for Better Comprehension and for Studying
To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 3

Unit 4 Overview--Listening and Note-Taking; Unit Terms
Lesson 4.1: Note-Taking Part 1, Listening
Lesson 4.2: Note-Taking Part 2, Key Information and Formats
To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 4

Unit 5 Overview--Memory Principles and Techniques; Unit Terms
Lesson 5.1: Memory Model and Techniques
Lesson 5.2: Memory as We Age
To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 5

Unit 6 Overview--Test-Taking: Pre, Mid, and Post; Unit Terms
Lesson 6.1: Pre- Mid- and Post-Test-Taking Strategies
Lesson 6.2: Handling Test Anxiety
Lesson 6.3: Understanding Test Items

About the Book

How to Learn Like a Pro! features the “big six” effective learning/study skills topics: learning styles and preferences, time and materials management, critical thinking and reading, note-taking, memory principles, and test-taking techniques. Each of the six units featuring a total of twenty-three lessons and accompanying exercises (with a dash of humor here and there) were developed with the diverse student body of the community college in mind as well as learners in other educational venues.

About the Contributors


Phyllis Nissila is a Professor in the Academic Learning Skills department at Lane Community College (all campuses), Eugene, OR.