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    The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

    (26 reviews)

    David W Ball, Cleveland State University

    John W Hill, University of Wisconsin

    Rhonda J Scott, Southern Adventist University

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    ISBN 13: 9781453311097

    Publisher: Saylor Foundation

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by SATHIAMOORTHY BALASUBRAMANIAN, Chemistry FACULTY, Rochester Community & Technical College on 3/6/23

    This text book is adequately comprehensive and covers all chapters of a GOB chemistry course. The content is well organized and explained clearly. Students need to review the practice questions for better grasp of concepts. read more

    Reviewed by Alan Rowe, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Tidewater Community College on 7/1/22

    Very comprehensive--- Currently pre-Nursing studetns are only required to take the first part of the 2 semester GOB course so only 1/2 of ths text would be used in that course. read more

    Reviewed by Nissa Garcia Ivers, Adjunct Chemistry Professor, Southwestern Oregon Community College on 1/28/22

    The book is great for an introductory chemistry class - it covers all the necessary learning outcomes for my particular course. I would like to point out that perhaps for the Converting Units chapter, perhaps more examples showing explicitly how... read more

    Reviewed by Marissa Shepherd, Instructor, Rogue Community College on 1/13/21

    I felt like this book is a basic outline of a GOB course, but felt lacking in many areas. This might be appropriate if you were covering the entire book in one quarter, but not suitable for a full year GOB series. Generally the gen chem section... read more

    Reviewed by Mary Coville, Adjunct Instructor, Lane Community College on 8/26/20

    There is no glossary or index and the text could really use one. An enormous amount of material is covered, and if a student needs to review something from earlier or look up a definition, the chapter sub-headings aren’t sufficient. The book... read more

    Reviewed by Danna Sharp, Lecturer, Shenandoah University on 6/18/20

    This is a standard text for a course intended as an introduction to chemistry, organic, and biochemistry for non-majors. I do feel it could be improved by additional figures and images to explain concepts. It definitely lacked in this. A few... read more

    Reviewed by Soumya Bhattacharya, Assistant professor, University of Providence on 2/28/20

    The book is quite comprehensive. Given that this course can be either 2 semesters (16 week each) or 1 semester (8 weeks each module General + Organic & Biochemistry), the book is detailed enough in materials presented to be adapted for an... read more

    Reviewed by Chandra Kunapareddy Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Blue Mountain Community College on 1/6/20

    As the authors stated in the preface of this book, this book is ideal for the survey of the GOB chemistry full semester course. However considering I teach at an institution that teaches in quarters semester instead of a full semester, I need to... read more

    Reviewed by Adam Wenz, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Flathead Valley Community College & TRAILS on 11/27/19

    The coverage of general chemistry topics in this text is very good considering the level of course for which this is intended. However, I feel that there are a couple of areas that could use improvement: The discussion of nuclear chemistry in... read more

    Reviewed by Andrew Bonham, Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 7/16/19

    This textbook addresses all the major topics that I would expect to see in a General, Organic, and biological Chemistry textbook. It could benefit from added material in the following areas: chemical reaction rates, organic molecule chirality,... read more

    Reviewed by Pratikkumar Rathod, Assistant Professor, LAGCC on 5/17/19

    This GOB book is well-written for non-majors who required to learn basic chemistry in a semester. The topics in the book are adequately described without going into much details. The text provides good numbers of exercises relating to real-world... read more

    Reviewed by Gregory Cornell, Adjunct Instructor, Southern University on 4/30/19

    This GOB text delivers in providing just what the title denotes. In this era of having to cram two semesters of material into a one semester course, the text adequately provides basic level content. The text lacks an index and glossary. read more

    Reviewed by Kinesha Harris, Assistant Professor, Southern University on 4/29/19

    The textbook provides adequate coverage of the topics that would be discussed in a one or two-semester introductory chemistry course for health science or other non-science majors. It presents topics with an appropriate level of discussion and... read more

    Reviewed by Joachim Bowles, Part-time Instructor - Chemistry, Lane Community College on 12/17/18

    Has more depth than necessary for my survey course when it comes to general chemistry and adequately covers organic and biochemistry topics. read more

    Reviewed by Lisa Sharpe Elles, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Kansas on 12/15/18

    This textbook is a great one-semester overview of general, organic, and biochemistry for students needing an introduction to chemistry, such as pre-nursing or exercise science students. There is enough information for students to get a good, basic... read more

    Reviewed by Stan Svojanovsky, Assistant Professor, Missouri Western State University on 5/21/18

    This book is very comprehensive and covers the basics of GOB Chemistry for one or two semesters GOB course. The material is feasible for students without and prerequisite knowledge of the subject but students who are already familiar with the... read more

    Reviewed by Jill Shirokawa, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati Clermont College on 3/27/18

    This textbook includes all of the essential content needed for a one-semester General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry course. Each of the twenty chapters is divided into concept sections containing learning objectives, examples, skill-building... read more

    Reviewed by David Merkler, Professor, University of South Florida on 3/27/18

    The text is appropriate comprehensive, covering all the important concepts for the students enrolled in a GOB course. In addition, the text includes topics of biomedical relevance in an attempt to keep the students interested in the topics... read more

    Reviewed by Andrew Tangonan, Assistant Professor, Ohio University on 2/1/18

    With the growing popularity of a one-semester GOB courses in a lot of academic institutions, this introductory book meets all the necessary requirements intended for that course. The information is presented and organized very well. However, this... read more

    Reviewed by Jeffrey Vargason, Associate Professor, George Fox University on 8/15/17

    GOB (General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry) is traditionally taught as either a one-semester or a two-semester format. Based on the preface, this particular book was specifically written for a one-semester course. This book does a good job... read more

    Reviewed by Sean Breslin, Professor of Chemistry, Umpqua Community College on 6/20/17

    The text lives up to its stated purpose. It covers basic parts of general, organic, and biological chemistry but without much depth. It avoids frilly language and is written in a style with its audience in mind. The authors' choice of health... read more

    Reviewed by David Canoy, Instructor, Chemeketa Community College on 4/11/17

    Assuming this book is for an entry level class of students preparing to take a human anatomy and physiology course, it is very thorough in the area of chemistry and acceptably thorough in cell biology. There is a complete glossary at the end of... read more

    Reviewed by Kenneth Friedrich, Instructor of Chemistry, Portland Community College on 12/5/16

    As the title suggests this book covers the basics of GOB chemistry. It includes all the appropriate material for a one semester GOB course. The book brings in organic chemistry topics earlier than many books allowing students to see the links... read more

    Reviewed by Beth Manhat, Adjunct Professor, Portland Community College on 8/21/16

    This open course textbook introduces the fundamental of general chemistry (measurements, atomic structure, compounds, energy, reactions, etc), introduces structure and reactions of organic chemistry, and ends with rather substantial chapters on... read more

    Reviewed by Brian Kalet, Academic Success Coordinator, Colorado State University on 1/7/16

    This text is intended for a one semester general, organic, biochemistry course and as such would not be appropriate for a standalone general chemistry course, organic chemistry course or biochemistry course. There is no index or glossary. read more

    Reviewed by Paul Laybourn, Professor, Colorado State University on 1/7/16

    Overall, this textbook covers all the appropriate topics to the depth necessary for a one semester course on general, organic and biological chemistry. This textbook includes units of measurement, calculations and the mathematics background... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Chemistry, Matter, and Measurement
    • Chapter 2: Elements, Atoms, and the Periodic Table
    • Chapter 3: Ionic Bonding and Simple Ionic Compounds
    • Chapter 4: Covalent Bonding and Simple Molecular Compounds
    • Chapter 5: Introduction to Chemical Reactions
    • Chapter 6: Quantities in Chemical Reactions
    • Chapter 7: Energy and Chemical Processes
    • Chapter 8: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
    • Chapter 9: Solutions
    • Chapter 10: Acids and Bases
    • Chapter 11: Nuclear Chemistry
    • Chapter 12: Organic Chemistry: Alkanes and Halogenated Hydrocarbons
    • Chapter 13: Unsaturated and Aromatic Hydrocarbons
    • Chapter 14: Organic Compounds of Oxygen
    • Chapter 15: Organic Acids and Bases and Some of Their Derivatives
    • Chapter 16: Carbohydrates
    • Chapter 17: Lipids
    • Chapter 18: Amino Acids, Proteins, and Enzymes
    • Chapter 19: Nucleic Acids
    • Chapter 20: Energy Metabolism

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    About the Book

    The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by David W. Ball, John W. Hill, and Rhonda J. Scott is for the one-semester General, Organic and Biological Chemistry course. The authors designed this textbook from the ground up to meet the needs of a one-semester course. It is 20 chapters in length and approximately 350-400 pages; just the right breadth and depth for instructors to teach and students to grasp.

    In addition, The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry is written not by one chemist, but THREE chemistry professors with specific, complimentary research and teaching areas. David W. Ball's specialty is physical chemistry, John W. Hill's is organic chemistry, and finally, Rhonda J. Scott's background is in enzyme and peptide chemistry. These three authors have the expertise to identify and present only the most important material for students to learn in the GOB Chemistry course.

    These experienced authors have ensured their text has ample in-text examples, and ”Test Yourself“ questions following the examples so students can immediately check their comprehension. The end-of-chapter exercises will be paired, with one answered in the back of the text so homework can easily be assigned and self-checked.

    The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by David W. Ball, John W. Hill, and Rhonda J. Scott is the right text for you and your students if you are looking for a GOB textbook with just the right amount of coverage without overdoing the concepts and overwhelming your students.

    About the Contributors


    Dr. David W. Ball is a professor of chemistry at Cleveland State University in Ohio. He earned his PhD from Rice University in Houston, Texas. His specialty is physical chemistry, which he teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels. About 50% of his teaching is in general chemistry: chemistry for nonscience majors, GOB, and general chemistry for science and engineering majors. In addition to this text, he is the author of a math review book for general chemistry students, a physical chemistry textbook with accompanying student and instructor solutions manuals, and two books on spectroscopy (published by SPIE Press). He is coauthor of a general chemistry textbook (with Dan Reger and Scott Goode), whose third edition was published in January 2009. His publication list has over 180 items, roughly evenly distributed between research papers and articles of educational interest.

    Dr. John W. Hill is professor emeritus from the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. He earned his PhD from the University of Arkansas. As an organic chemist, he has more than 50 publications in refereed journals, most of which have an educational bent. He has authored or coauthored several introductory level chemistry textbooks, all of which have gone into multiple editions. He has also presented over 60 papers at national conferences, many relating to science education. He has received several awards for outstanding teaching and has long been active in the American Chemical Society—both locally and nationally.

    Dr. Rhonda J. Scott is a professor of chemistry at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee. She earned her PhD from the University of California at Riverside and has a background in enzyme and peptide chemistry. Previous to Southern Adventist, she taught at Loma Linda University and the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. In the past 10 years, she has made several presentations at national American Chemical Society meetings and other workshops and conferences. She has also been very active in the development of teaching materials, having reviewed or contributed to other textbooks and test banks.

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