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    Project Management from Simple to Complex

    (7 reviews)

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    ISBN 13: 9781946135216

    Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Brian Gurney, Adjunct Assistant Professor, TRAILS on 11/27/19

    The 12 chapters cover most of the main topic areas, however I would consider "Managing Project Risk" as an earlier topic. Risk(s) can be exposed as early as the crafting of the WBS which is part of the planning phase. read more

    Reviewed by Mohammad Moin Uddin, Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University on 11/5/18

    The book mainly focuses on cost, schedule, quality, and risk management, however, it covers all the phases of project management. PMBOK 4th edition’s knowledge area were used, even though current version is 6th edition which includes agile... read more

    Reviewed by James Hickel, Adjunct Professor, American University, Kogod School of Business on 2/1/18

    I used this online book when I taught an undergraduate course in Consulting and Project Management. The book effectively deals with all phases of project management. There was virtually no overall subject area that wasn't touched in some way. ... read more

    Reviewed by Carol Lamb, Assoicate Professor, Youngstown State University on 6/20/17

    Text was very comprehensive, it covered all topics that are entailed in project management. While being broad in covering the topics, the text was not an in depth discussion of specific topics. read more

    Reviewed by Valarie Griep, Senior Lecturer and PMP, University of Minnesota on 8/21/16

    The book starts in chapter one, paragraph one citing the Project Management Institute's Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) definition of a project. It continues to include all process groups and knowledge areas. However,... read more

    Reviewed by Kimberlee Snyder, Professor, Winona State University on 8/21/16

    The textbook covers the basis of project management but there are some surprising chapters and sections that other textbooks on project management does not cover; training for example. read more

    Reviewed by Lizabeth Schlemer, Professor, California Polytechnic State University on 7/15/14

    The text covers a broad range of topics including some that seem peripherally related to Project management (like Quality and Statistics 10.1). It doesn't occur to me that including these extra topics are a drawback, as each section can be... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Management
    • Chapter 2: Project Profiling
    • Chapter 3: Project Phases and Organization
    • Chapter 4: Understanding and Meeting Client Expectations
    • Chapter 5: Working with People on Projects
    • Chapter 6: Communication Technologies
    • Chapter 7: Starting a Project
    • Chapter 8: Project Time Management
    • Chapter 9: Estimating and Managing Costs
    • Chapter 10: Managing Project Quality
    • Chapter 11: Managing Project Risk
    • Chapter 12: Project Procurement and Closure

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    About the Book

    In a world that is becoming more virtual, more global, and more complex, the project manager's ability to function in this environment becomes critical to the success of the project. Project Management from Simple to Complex explores project management within this complex, virtual, and global environment.

    This is not a standard textbook that was adapted to the new publishing paradigm; it was designed from the beginning to utilize its capabilities. The book is written in collaboration by an expert in Project Management and an expert in writing instructional textbooks and using technology for communicating online to create a unique learning environment that prepares students to manage projects in a global, multicultural, and online environment.

    Project Management from Simple to Complex features a new model for managing projects, as well as, exploration into the personal dynamics of project management and the role those dynamics play in project outcomes.

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